CZ P10C: full specification

CZ P10C is on the market for just a few years but already gained great deal of popularity. What is the secret that makes this gun so successfull in the huge competition of striker fired compact pistols? We will take a deep look into that in this article.

CZ P-10 series

CZ names its pistols often by the year of construction. If we tell you that CZ 75 reffers to the begining of construction of legendary CZ 75, rifle Sa vz.58 goes back to 1958 and CZ P-07 reffers to year 2007, you may guess to which year does the CZ P-10 pistols reffer to.

CZ P10 models started with the compact sized CZ P10C where the “C” stands for the “compact”.

The gun was made as a direct competitor to Glock 19 and all the other guns in this segment: Sig Sauer P320, HK P30, Beretta APX, and many others.

To this day you can meet another 4 basic versions of the CZ P-10 pistols:

  • CZ P10M (micro compact),
  • CZ P10S (sub compact),
  • CZ P10SC (semi compact), and
  • CZ P10F (full size).

*See also the comparison between these models: CZ P10C vs CZ P10S & other.

Weight & size of CZ P10C

CZ P10C is a compact sized pistol and the dimensions match that description pretty well.

CZ P10C dimensions

The sizes of CZ P-10C are following

  • length 187mm / 7.3 in
  • width 32mm / 1.26 in
  • height 132mm / 5.2 in

The barrel is 4.02 in long (102mm) for classic version – i.e. without the threaded barrel. For suppressor ready version with threaded barrel – that is model CZ P10C SR – the barrel is extended to total length 4.6 in (122mm).

The gun is only 740g heavy with empty magazine in it. Compared to another CZ compact sized pistol CZ P-07, the CZ P10C is 40g lighter. 

CZ P10C weight

Magazine capacity

The compact sized CZ comes from factory with 3 magazines of 15rnd capacity. 

For the great deal of parts compatibility, as explained further, the capacity of CZ P10C is not limited to 15rnd at all.

CZ P10C compatible magazines

You can use CZ P-10F magazines (as long as they are 9×19) in your CZ P10C and they will function 100%. The only thing you will have to add is some sort of magazine sleeve, because the larger magazine from P10F will exceed the grip. Just by that you can make the capacity 19 rounds.

Also every CZ P10 magazine can be further extended with a magazine base pad. These can add capacity from +1 to +5 extra rounds. 

CZ P10C magazine base pads

Factory sights

From factory the gun is equipped with steel sights with luminescent dots. To find out compatibility of CZ P10C sights, check this article on CZ P10 rear sight profile.

Although these sights glow in worse light conditions, these are not to be confused with night sights. Luminescent sights only glow if they had enough time to capture light from surroundings. If they were not able to capture enough energy, they will not glow at all.

CZ P10C sights

See more on the options for CZ P10C sights replacement in this article.

If you prefer to replace standard sights for optics, make sure to read the best red dot for CZ P10C article before getting any red dot for your pistol.

Night sights

If you plan to use the gun for self defense, switching sights for night sights would be one of the first steps we would go for.

See more on the topic of CZ P10C night sights in this article.


Fiber optic sights

Otherwise if you plan to use the gun mainly on shooting range, we would go for either fiber optic sights or at least fiber optic front sight. You will be able to reach must faster aiming process  with such.

Factory trigger

The factory trigger pull of CZ P10C is between 4.5lb to 6.5lb.

To some shooters the factory trigger pull is too heavy. If that applies to you too, you can either go for

  • aftermarket lighter trigger springs (that reduces the trigger pull), or
  • aftermarket complete trigger – that usually also gives the trigger more smoothness and makes it comfortable.

Compatibility of CZ P10C parts

Parts in CZ P10C are to a great extend compatible with other CZ P10 pistols (with the exception of CZ P10M parts).

All CZ P10 models use the same trigger, same sights and unless the difference in size is considered, also most of the spare parts. 

CZ P-10C Spare Parts

You can therefore very easily find spare parts replacements either for CZ P10C from other CZ P10 models, or vice versa.

Aftermarket upgrades

Compatibility comes into play also when it comes to aftermarket upgrades.

As the gun uses the same parts from factory, you can also use the very same accessories for different guns from CZ P10 series.

CZ P10C accessories

Which aftermarket upgrades are compatible with other CZ P10 models? 

  • Sights
  • Triggers
  • Magazine base pads
  • Red dot mounts & plates
  • & other

On the other hand, parts that differ from model to model based on the size of the model will not be interchangeable.

For example you cannot use backstrap grip from CZ P10S  on CZ P10C. Similarly frame mounts have to be different for each model as the lenght of the rail under barrel is different for each P10 pistol.

Similarly holsters will have to be made specifically for each version of the gun, even within the same gun size category. See more on holster for CZ P10C for concealed carry here.

For example CZ P10C SR will not fit into CZ P10C holster due to longer barrel. Although both are technically CZ P10C guns.