Night sights for CZ P10C: pros and cons

Night sights for CZ P10C: pros and cons

CZ P-10C comes from factory equipped with luminescent steel sights. Although those are OK quality, they cannot compete with tritium night sights.

In this article we will look into the various types of night sights and consider pros and cons of each type. Because other than getting a proper holster for concealed carry, sights improvement is one of the first steps of improving the gun.

And by the way, did you know that CZ P10C rear sight profile is the same as for many other CZ P10 models? Check the article on rear sight profile of P10 models here.

Instantly visible sight picture

Why would you even consider tritium sights? The main reason is perfect and instant visibility in dark light conditions.

Although the mentioned luminescent factory sights also provide some sort of visibility in lower light conditions, it is very limited.


Luminescent sights capture energy from good surrounding light conditions. If you dont let they absorb the light in good light, they will simply not work at all in dark conditions.

And another aspect to consider is the limited time for which they work. Once they captured magimum light, they will only be able to hold the energy for glow for 6-8 hours. After that you will again hardly be looking for front sight dot between the two dots in the rear sight.

Tritium only in the front sight or also in rear sight?

There are basically two types of tritium gun sights – be it for CZ P10 or for any other gun:

  • night sights with tritium only in the front sight but not in the rear sight, and
  • sight sets with tritium in front sights as well as in rear sights.

Night sights with tritium dot only in the front sight

CZ P10C tritium front sight

Although this is quite a popular compromise between functionality and price, it has its negatives. Negative being foremostly the iron blackened rear sight which will not add much to the aiming process.

With this type of sights it will be therefore more difficult to find the proper sight alignment.

As shooters upgrade their guns to night sights mostly for self defense purposes, this is an aspect that should be considered well.

CZ P-10C night sights_xs sights
Night sights from XS Sights, dot in front, atypical rear sight

This option is mainly interesting for the lower price. You dont heven need to get the whole sight set. You are OK just with the front sight in the same height as the standard height sights. For the factory overall rear height it shall be 5.75mm high front sight.

Night sights with tritium dots in both: rear sight and front sight

This type of night sights is the most popular for us. Although it is not given by rule that night sights have to have two dots in rear sights and one dot in front sights, for us this type of sights works the best.

CZ P-10C night sights_night fision
Night Fision night tritium sights with orange ring front sight, most affordable night sights

It allows fast aiming process as you will be able to allign the tritium dot on the front sight with the two dots on the rear sight very quickly.

The sight picture remains the same as as most shooters are used to – three dots.


CZ P-10C night sights_trijicon
Night sights from Trijicon


Brightest tritium night sights

Although many manufacturers mention high brightness of their tritium night sights picture, this is not such an important aspect for consideration.

The sights are often equipped with a ring around the tritium gas capsule. This ring makes the light look brighter and also allows to differentiate colors for the front sight and for the rear sight dots – those can be white rings or colored rings.

Regardless of the color of the ring surrounding tritium, night sights will still not be providing maximum visibility good light conditions.

Night sights and sport shooting

We must note that for sporting and competition night sights are not optional. Unless you are competing in night obviously :).

tritium sights in dark

The more the tritium gun sights glow in dark conditions and provide perfect sight picture regardless of the outdoor conditions, the less they work in light conditions.

Therefore, if you want to use the gun for sporting purposes you should rather look for fibe roptic sights.

tritium sights in light

But, there is also another variant – a compromise of night sights and fiber optic sights: tritium fiber optic sights.

Tritium fiber optic sights

This type of sights have the tritium vials securely hidden behind a fiber optic rod.

The tritium glows from behind and makes the light go through the fiber optic rod, and thus glow even in night.

CZ P-10C tritium fiber optic sights_truglo
Tritium fiber optic sights from Truglo – fully functionable in bad and good light conditions alike

On the other hand, in good light conditions the fiber optic capture light from surrounding by itself, and therefore glows very well too.

You shall however still consider this type of night sight a compromise – it will not be the best for low light situations and it will neither be best for good light situations.