CZ P10C gun holsters for concealed carry

Once you get a new gun, be it CZ P10C or any other, getting a fitting holster is the second step. Afterall, how would you carry the gun around? Behind belt looks cool but its not very practical, neither very concealed.

In this article we look into the holsters for concealed carry of your compact CZ pistol. Compared to CZ P10S, the compact version of P10 is little larger, but still very good for everyday concealment.

Why IWB holster?

IWB holsters are popular among shooters for its easy concealment and very fast “mounting”.

CZ P10C IWB holster with flashlight
IWB holster for CZ P10C with flashlight

The gun will be concealed without the need of taking clothing into consideration. You simply put the holster behind your trousers with a clip, and are ready to go around your business.

Benefits of IWB holster

CZ P10C right hand iwb kydex holster
Classic IWB kydex holster for right hand shooter
  • easy mounting
  • perfect concealment
  • gun is close to your body
CZ P10C right hand iwb kydex holster_1
Classic IWB kydex holster for right hand shooter

Negatives of IWB

  • can be less comfortable to wear
  • more difficult for fast draw

Concealed carry holsters

Concealed carry holsters are simply holsters that allow to hold your gun hidden. So that other people are not aware that you may have a pistol with you.

Whether the holster is actually IWB or OWB does not matter, you can have the gun in concealed carry in both types.

Best CZ P10C holster

For us IWB holster is the way to go. The possible discomfort is minimal due to the compact sizes of the gun.

On the other hand, if you plan to get a suppressor ready version with optics ready cut to accomodate a red dot, and also install a flashlight on the lower rail, the gun stops being so much compact.

The type of holster you will select in the end shall take all these things into consideration. If the holster will not be comfortable for you, you will most probably end up not wearing it at all rather than feeling pain all day from it.

What is OWB

OWB stands for outside of the waistband holster. You can see this shortcut being used very often simply for holsters that are on the outer side of the pants.

CZ P-10C OWB leather kydex holster
Combination of leather and kydex to avoid scratches

These holsters, similarly as IWB holsters, are made from various materials:

CZ P-10C OWB leather kydex holster_1
Combination of leather and kydex to avoid scratches
  • kydex,
  • leather,
  • hybrid of kydex & leather,
  • fiber reinforced polymer frame,
  • and other.

The material selection is a partly subject to personal preferences, and partly to the intended use. For example leather holster will not work that well in combat situations compared to durable and tightly gun holding kydex holster.

Why OWB holster?

The main selling point of OWB is that it is more comfortable.

CZ P-10C OWB competition kydex holster_1
CZ P-10C OWB competition kydex holster_1

More comfortable especially for larger format guns.

As mentioned above, even compact sized gun like CZ P 10 C can be turned into larger format gun if all options are filled in (suppressor ready, optics ready), equipped with red dot from the top and flashlight on the lower rail.

CZ P10C OWB compatition kydex holster
CZ P10C OWB compatition kydex holster

For such a gun, IWB holster can be little bit too large to accomodate such a wide gun. Especially so if you want to carry a couple of extra mags with it.

Other than the comfort aspect, OWB is also for some shooters more easy to approach the gun. In other words, it allows faster draw.

Benefits of OWB hoslter

  • more comfort while carrying
  • better fit for larger format guns

Negatives of OWB

  • limited concealment,
  • clothing have to be taken into consideration,
  • need belt for mounting
CZ P-10C OWB paddle holster
Paddle holster for quick mounting

Carry comfortably

OWB holster is positioned on the outer side of the pands and therefore does not push you into the body. Compared to IWB, this type of holster is therefore more comfortable for everyday use. Especially for the larger guns.

Limited concealment

The negative thing of OWB holster is its limited concealment. Because the gun is not hidden inside of the pants as with IWB holster, you have to take clothing into consideration.

OWB can still be very well concealed, dont get us wrong on that. It is just that you have to wear cloths that will hide the part of the holster visible: loose & longer shirts, jackets, etc.

CZ P-10C IWB appendix holster
CZ P-10C IWB appendix holster

Proper belt

Other specific thing for OWB hoslter is that it requires a belt for the carry. The holster is installed on belt loops with size – usually within 35 to 45mm wide belt loops.

This means that you have to a) use belt, and b) the belt shall be in fitting size.

CZ P-10C OWB leather holster
CZ P-10C OWB leather holster with belt loops

Technically you can use also thinner belt, but the holster will not function properly. The draw will become very difficult as the holster will not stay still when you try to get the gun out of the holster.

Also you will soon damage your belt a lot, as the belt loops will move up and down when unholstering and holstering the pistol.

Belt loop gun holsters

Belt loop OWB holsters are installed to the belt.

Belt loop OWB holster
Holster with belt loop

The installation is little bit longer compared to other holstering methods, but from the OWB holstering mounting systems the belt loop is the most secure.

Paddle gun holsters

Paddle pistol holsters have a polymer paddle that is simply put behind the waistband – be it with or without belt.

Paddle holster
Paddle holster

Although this solution is very fast for mounting, we dont have very good experience with the paddle part. It happened more than once that the paddle got broken and the holster became unusuable.

CZ P10C pistol holster for daily concealed carry: decision

The final decision comes down to the size of the pistol hoslter, and the tollerance for slight discomfort by the gun owner.

CZ P-10C IWB appendix holster

For CZ P10C our choice is IWB holster. The size of the gun is very friendly to this type of holstering and the discomfort is minimal. And after short time you will not even notice that you wear a pistol in the trousers.

CZ P-10C IWB appendix holster

The other benefit will be that you dont have to worry about concealment. Although OWB is conceavable also, you still have to worry whether your shirt did not move up and made the gun visible etc. With IWB all these worries go away.