CZ P10C: compatibility of magazines


Compatibility of the magazines can be seen from two ways :

  • will other magazines work in the gun, and
  • will they also work in another guns.

We will cover both types of compatibility in this article. After you will be done with reading, you will understand

  • which guns use the same magazine body but different mag pad,
  • which guns use same mag pad but different magazine body,
  • if you will be able to use P10C magazine also in smaller models, or
  • if you can use larger capacity magazines in your CZ P10C.

Compatibility of other magazines in CZ P10C

Which magazines are compatible with P-10C? Obviously double stack magazines from the P10 series models (CZ P10F, CZ P10SC, other) but not only those.

All these mags come in different lengths, different capacities and also with different magazine base pads. We will go through the compatible mags by the size.

Same size

From the magazines being the same size as CZ P10C you can use CZ P-07 magazines.

These come from factory also with 15rnd capacity and are fully compatible and 100% functionable.

cz p07 magazine

Only issue with the magazines from CZ P07 is that they have slightly different magazine base pad. That makes the bottom of the magazine not being completely flush with the grip of the CZ P10C gun in the front of the grip.

That can be however solved by either changing mag pads – that will however increase the price tag of the magazine. Or you can simply ignore it, as many guns dont have mag pads flush with the grip from factory already.

Longer magazines

You can also use magazines from larger guns in your CZ P10C. Which magazines?

cz p09 magazine

Magazines from CZ P10F and from CZ P09 – because these two magazines are completely the same (P09 and P10F).

Because the mags from CZ P10F and CZ P09 are considerably larger, they will exceed the grip of the gun.

Magazine sleeve
Magazine sleeve

For many people that is not optional as it a) gives the gun odd look, and b) its not ideal for grip. However, this exceeding magazine can be solved by using a so called “sleeve”.

Such sleeve will cover the gap between magazine base pad and the bottom of the gun frame, making the exceeding magazine body flush with the grip.

Shorter magazines

For shorter mags unfortuantely you will not have any usage in P10C.

From the current CZ production only CZ P10S mags come to the consideration as smaller mags, but because they are shorter, you will not be able to stick them deep enough to make them function.

CZ P10C magazines in other models

Luckily you can have use for the magazines also from the other point of view as the compatibility works both ways. Not only to use mags from another CZ guns in CZ P10C, but also to use CZ P10C mags in another CZs. We explain below.

CZ P-10C magazines in other CZ pistols

CZ models of same size

From the CZ guns of the same size, you can use the CZ P10C magazine in CZ P-07 models.

Again it will not have the very same base pad, making it not flush with the grip in front. But that is a little detail to be easily solved – either by changing the pads, or by ignoring it (easily done – if your hand is not larger than the grip itself, you will not feel it)

cz p10c magazine 17r

CZ models of larger size

For larger CZs you cannot use the P10C magazines at all – it will be simply too short to get deep inside and to feed the gun.

CZ models of smaller size

When it comes to smaller sized CZs, you can use the compatibility to your benefit with CZ P10S. Because it will be larger than the grip, it will exceed the grip.

Magazine sleeve
Magazine sleeve

For CZ P10S its very very probable that your hand will be larger than the grip and thus the exceeding surface would not be comfortable for usage.

For these purposes there are so called “sleeves”. These cover the extra surface and look like an extension of the grip to the base pad.

Will the magazine bottom flush with frame?

As already mentioned lightly above, the compatibility does not mean those are the same. If your friend has P07 and you have P10C, you can switch magazines on range without any problem regarding functionability. They will fit, however they will not be 100% identical.

cz p10c magazine 15r

Often different CZ models use different base pads in order to take into account the different grips of each CZ gun.

This can be solved by replacing the pads by another ones, or simply ignoring it. Because the gap is very little (its just differently shaped base pad), you will most probably not even notice when holding the pistol.

mag pads

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