CZ P-01 in detail: weight, compatibility & other

CZ P01 is a compact version of famous CZ 75 pistol. Although developed for military service and law enforcement, this pistol serves perfect also as carry weapon thanks to its compact dimensions.

Development of CZ P-01

The very origins of CZ P01 go back to 1970s together with the development of CZ 75. That is because it is basically the compact version of the world renown CZ 75.

The development of the compact version of the famous CZ 75 pistol was not even in consideration back in those days. The official beggining of compact CZ 75 pistol dates back to 2001.

As CZ-USA states [link] the design was finished in 2001 and the pistol was NATO approved by 2003. Back then the pistol was named CZ 75 Compact.

Later new versions were introduced – CZ 75 D Compact, CZ 75 D PCR. And finally CZ started to use the name CZ P-01 for its models.  

CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact
CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact


This pistol also replaced the CZ 75 pistol in hands of Czech policemen as more than 45 000 of these guns were supplied to Czech Police. These guns had certain variations from the original CZ 75 Compact – instead of safety it was equipped with decocker, and the frame was made of forged aluminum instead of steel. Later it was made available also for civil market as CZ 75 D PCR Compact.

If you are looking for spare parts of CZ P01, check this post here.

Various CZ P01 models

As we lightly touched in previous chapter, this pistol comes in different versions with slight alterations.

What differs between each models:

  • material of frame,
  • sights,
  • decocker / safety,
  • magazine capacity (14rnd / 15rnd), and
  • sling loop.
CZ 75 P-01 Magazine
CZ P-01 Magazine

Luckily the base of the gun remained the same regardless of each models and thanks to that you can use magazines from older CZ 75 Compact pistols in new CZ P-01 pistols without any issue. We wrote in more detail about this here: CZ P-01, CZ 75 Compact Magazines: Compatibility.

Over the years CZ offered this pistol in various versions.

CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact
CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact

You can meet the folowing CZ models being basically identical to CZ P-01:

Compatibility with other CZs

Since CZ P01 is based on CZ 75 pistol, it shares a lot of the parts with it.

Similarly most of the accessories available on the market for CZ 75 will work for CZ P-01. Some accessories will however not fit due to different sizes.

What will not fit on CZ P-01 from CZ 75? 

CZ P01 Grips
CZ P01 Grips
  • Grips – CZ 75 grips will not work for CZ P-01 because the frame is smaller.
  • Magazines – CZ 75 magazines are too long for CZ P01. Even though you will be able to insert them and they will work functionally, they will exceed the grip of your pistol. If you are looking for longer mags for CZ P-01 you may rather check the CZ P-01 mag pads overview article, there are many options in that regard.
  • Magwells 

Most of the accessories however works on both pistol series (CZ 75 and CZ P-01):

  • Front Sights
  • Rear Sights (see post CZ 75B rear sight standard)
  • Red Dot Mounts
  • Magazine Base Pads
  • Recoil Springs
  • Main Springs
  • Trigger & Sear springs
CZ P-01 Mag Pads +4rnd
CZ P-01 Mag Pads +4rnd

Other than these types of accessories that get installed directly to the gun, we must also mention the compatibility of holsters. CZ P01 series have a rail in the lower slide.That makes it different for holster from CZ 75 Compact models (CZ 75 PCR, CZ 75 D Compact, CZ 75 Compact) as those come without such rail. You can however use the same holster on your CZ P01 as on CZ P01 Omega or CZ P01 Steel.

Detailed specification

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Grips: Rubber

Sights: Fixed, steel

Capacity: 15 rounds

Trigger: SA / DA

Frame: Aluminium

CZ 75 P-01

Width: 1.38 in / 35mm

Length: 7.2 in / 18.3mm

Height: 5.03 in / 128.8mm

Weight: 28.1 oz / 797g

Barrel Length: 3.75 in / 95.25mm