Shield RMSc footprint standard

Which red dots will you be able to mount on the same mount as Shield RMSc red dot sight? Will you be able to install Sig Sauer Romeo Zero on the same plate as Shield RMSc? We cover the full compatibility of Shield RMSc footprint in this article.

Footprint compatibility explained

What does a “footprint” mean? The term footprint refers to a sctructure of the sockets and screw holes on the base of the optic device.

And what does it mean if the footprints are compatible?

Each optic sight has some base for mounting. The base consists of pins on various positions and holes for screws used for fixation of the sight to the mounts. If any two sights use the same base for mounting, we call that that they share the same footprint.

In this article we show which red dot sights share the same footprint.

Shield RMS footprint

And when more sight manufacturers decide to use the same footprint, the red dot sights can be used on the same mount. Why? Because they use the same basis for mounting.

In this article we show which red dots share the same footprint as Shield RMSc.

*Not always all the pins are used – it can be that the original footprint uses 4 pins but the compatible sight only uses 2 pins. Such sight will be listed as with the same footprint although the footprint is little bit different in this aspect. How so? Because they still be able to work on the same mount, only they will be held by 2 pins instead of 4 pins.*

RMSc footprint pattern

Shield RMSc footprint consists of four sockets in the corners of the sight and of two screw holes in the rear of the sight.

The front as well as the rear socketes are 17mm / 0.66 inches far from each other. From the rear sockets to the front sockets the distance is 32,8mm / 1.29 inches. Position of these four sockets corresponds to position of pins that are on a mounting surface of any mount for this standard.

Shield RMS footprint

The screw holes are positioned in the rear part of the optic device. These function for fixation of the sight to the mounts. These two screw holes are 14mm / 0.55 inches far from each other.

Shield RMS footprint

The screws that are to be used for these screw holes are always included in the package with the sight.

Shield RMS footprint

Red dots compatible with RMSc footprint

The RMSc footprint is shared by many other manufacturers on the market.

Below you can find complete list of red dot sights that will work with Shield RMSc footprint.

Shield RMS red dot footprint standard

List of compatible red dots

*Technically you could also make other red dots be compatible with this footprint. Such as Leupold Delta Point Pro. However such compatibility is not 100% because you would first need to adjust the red dot base of the mount or plate.

For the example of  Leupold DP Pro – this red dot sight uses 2 pins and the footprint uses 4 pins. The mounting base for RMSc footprint will have 2 pins extra that will interfere with proper seating of the red dot. Although you could mount Shield RMSc red dot to Leupold DP Pro mounting base, you will not be able to do it the other way around.

Because of that, you will only be able to install the Leupold DP Pro red dot to Shield RMSc base if you remove manually the extra 2 pins from Shield RMSc mounting base.

**See also our article on the difference between Shield RMSc footprint and Holosun K-series footprint

Other footprint standards

There are many different bases for red dot sights, but the other most common are following:

How to mount red dot with RMSc footprint

It depends on what device you want to mount it. Will you install it on a a picatinny mount? I.e. gun equipped with picatinny rail? Or will you mount it on a pistol? And will the pistol be optics ready (with pistol slide cut for red dot), or will it be standard pistol without such cut? You need to know answers to these questions before you start looking for a mount.

However, if we mentioned the red dot in the list above, you can be looking for a “mount for Shield RMSc”. The chances are it will be much easier for you to find such under that name.