CZ Shadow 2 Compact: compatibility of parts

CZ in September introduced Compact veresion of its best seller CZ Shadow 2. People love it, I love it too. Big part of CZ culture is personification of the gun – the gun is made to be easily enhanced with aftermarket accessories.

And that brings us to the main question of this article – which parts will work on CZ Shadow 2 Compact. I will go through the list part by part and explain.


Grips are unique for CZ Shadow 2 Compact from all other CZs.

The difference is a little cut in the internal part of the grips. The little cut is there to allow usage of wider magazine relesae assembly.

As you can see from the photo, the older types of CZ compact grips have also slightly larger external part of the grips. Tha tmeans that you would not be able to just modify it with a little bit of dremmel to make it fit, it would be much more complicated to make it work.

Although you cannot use grips from any other gun on CZ Shadow 2 Compact, you still can use the Shadow 2 Compact grips on any other compact sized CZ (CZ P-01, CZ 75 Compact, etc).


For CZ Shadow 2 Compact you need to have grips made specifically for CZ Shadow 2 Compact. These grips will then work also on other compact sized CZs, but not the other way around.


CZ Shadow 2 Compact uses the same magazines as CZ P-01.

You can get any magazines made for CZ P-01 and they will be the same as for CZ Shadow 2 Compact.


CZ Shadow 2 Compact uses the very same sights as full sized CZ Shadow 2: the sights profile is the same.

You can get any sights working for CZ Shadow 2 and they will also fit the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

Red dot mounting plates

CZ Shadow 2 Compact uses the very same red dot mounting plates as CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready.

CZ Shadow 2 Compact is an optics ready model. That means that you can install a red dot to the gun with a matching red dot plate. The 100% same red dot plates from CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready will also work on the compact version of the gun.

Mag pads

CZ generally does not have issues with mag pads compatibility.

The same magazine base pads will work on CZ 75B as on CZ Shadow 2. And the very same is true for CZ Shadow 2 Compact – you can use the very same magazine base pads on CZ Shadow 2 Compact as you would on CZ Shadow 2 or CZ P-01. They are all compatible.

Triggers, safeties, hammers

Triggers you can use the same on CZ Shadow 2 Compact as on CZ Shadow 2 or CZ 75B. They are compatible.

Safety is on CZ Shadow 2 Compact the same as on CZ Shadow 2. Therefore you can use any safety compatible with Shadow 2 and it works on the Compact versoin.

Hammers are also fully compatible with CZ Shadow 2 hammers.

Spare parts

As the CZ Shadow 2 Compact is a smaller variant of the full size Shadow 2, also the spare parts are mostly compatible.

Of course you will not be able to use the same grips or the same barrels are the size of these parts are smaller for Compact.

But other than that, all the parts that are not affected by the size of the gun are the same and you can interchange them.

CZ Shadow 2 OR Spare Parts