CZ P-01 compatibility guide

CZ P01 (or CZ 75 P-01) is a compact sized pistol from Czech manufacturer CZ. The construction is based on the famous CZ 75 and thanks to that, a lot of parts from are interchangeable.

First though some basics. CZ 75 is a very well known pistol. Developed in 1975 in CZ Uherský Brod, it quite changed the pistol industry. CZ 75 was the first pistol with double stack magazine and SA / DA trigger mechanism. For communistic regime at that time in Czechoslovakia, there were no patents made. Amazing pistol combined with no patent protection, what happened was that CZ 75 became the second most copied pistol on the market. Right after Colt 1911.

CZ P-01 pistol

CZ 75 P-01
CZ P-01

CZ created P-01 by the need of offering the amazing construction of CZ 75 for customers looking for more compact pistols. This pistol brings all the best from CZ 75 construction to a compact sized pistol: aluminium frame, ambidextrous safety lever and amazing grip. But it does not end there. CZ P-01 also allows use of wide range of CZ 75 accessories.

CZ P-01 accessories

It is great if you can use the same accessories between different guns. If the constructers taken that into consideration when creating the pistol. In CZ they did and thanks to that, you can use a lot of things from your CZ 75 to CZ P-01.

If you are looking for spare parts for CZ P-01 instead, make sure to check the CZ P01 Spare Parts Diagram.

But not all accessories is compatible. Lets go one by one


CZ P-01 Rear Sight
CZ P-01 Rear Sight

Yes, you can use the same front sights, rear sights and sight sets on CZ 75B as on P01. The dovetail is the same and the height is the same as well.

We write more on sights enhancement for CZ P01 in this article.

Red dot mounts

Red dot mounts, as replacements of rear sights in the dovetail, are interchangeable. You can use CZ 75 mount on CZ P-01 and vice versa.


CZ P01 also uses the same triggers as CZ 75. Note though that “omega” models have different trigger mechanisms from classic models, and thus if your P-01 is “omega”, you cannot use standard trigger from CZ 75 as replacement.


Yes, hammer in CZ P01 is the same as in CZ 75.


Holsters made for CZ 75 will be too large to fit CZ P01. You have to go for the type of holsters made specifically for CZ P01.


Safety can be also used from CZ 75, those are interchangeable with CZ P-01.


CZ P01 Grips
CZ P01 Grips

Grips are not interchangeable with CZ 75. Because of the compact size of CZ P01, it uses shorter grips as well. Therefore you cannot use CZ 75 grips in any form on CZ 75 P-01. You have to look for grips made specifically for CZ 75 P-01 or CZ 75 Compact models.

How to replace grips? We write about that in detail here.


CZ P01 Magazine
CZ P01 Magazine

Although the CZ 75 magazines will function in CZ P-01 (i.e. can be inserted and will hold in the gun), they are not interchangeable. CZ 75 is bigger gun and thus uses longer magazines.

If you put CZ 75 magazine into CZ P-01, it will stick out.

To avoid any unpleasant surprise, make sure to check our article about CZ 75 P-01 & CZ 75 Compact Magazine Compatibility.

On the other hand, CZ P-01 magazines are fully interchangeable with CZ Shadow 2 Compact magazines. They are the same ones.


No, for CZ P01 you cannot use the same magwells as for CZ 75. Similarly as with grips, you have to search for magwells made specifically for CZ P-01 or CZ 75 Compact.

Mag pads

Yes, magazine base pads are interchangeable with CZ 75. Although CZ 75 mags are longer, they share the same mag pads. Therefore you can take any mag pad compatible with CZ 75 and install it on your CZ P01.

CZ 75 P-01 Magazine Pads