CZ 75B rear sight profile

CZ uses few profiles for all its rear sights. In this article we discuss the rear sight profile standard for CZ 75B. Also we show which models use the same rear sight profile and thus use compatible sights.

Rear sight profile explained

What does rear sight profile mean? It is a cut in the slide allowing installation of rear sight to the gun.

Based on the used rear sight profile you will be able to determine whether or not the sights you are looking for will be also compatible with your CZ.

How so? Because these rear sight profiles are shared among many CZ pistols – you just need to know which pistols use which rear sight profile.

CZ 75B rear sight profile

CZs compatible with CZ 75B rear sight profile

CZ uses the same profile as for CZ 75B for many its other pistols.

Below you can find complete list of pistols using the same rear sight profile.

If the pistol is listed below, you can use CZ 75B rear sight for that model too without need of any modification.

List of models with compatible rear sights

  • CZ 75 full size models
    • CZ 75
    • CZ 75B
    • CZ 75B Omega
    • CZ 75B SA
    • CZ 75BD Police
    • CZ 75B Omega
    • CZ 75B Stainless
    • CZ 75B New edition
  • CZ P-01 & CZ 75 compact models
    • CZ 75 P-01
    • CZ 75 P-01 Omega
    • CZ 75 Compact
    • CZ 75D Compact
  • CZ 75 SP-01 models
    • CZ 75 SP-01
    • CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical
    • CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
  • CZ 85 models
    • CZ 85
    • CZ 85B
    • CZ 85BD
    • CZ 85 Combat
  • CZ 97 models
    • CZ 97 B
    • CZ 97BD
  • CZ older Kadet adapters
    • CZ 75 Adapter Kadet 1
    • CZ 75 Adapter Kadet 2