CZ 75 sights compatibility

Which sights will work on your CZ 75B? And will they work also for CZ P01 or CZ SP-01? In this article we cover fully the compatibility of CZ 75B sights.

Rear sight profile

CZ 75B and related models (such as CZ 75B Omega, CZ 75B New Edition, etc) use the CZ 75 rear sight profile.

This rear sight profile cut in the dovetail of the pistol uses the same height of the dovetail in front and in behind of the cut itself.

CZ 75B rear sight profile

This rear sight profile is shared among many other CZ 75 style series models. Make sure to see compatibility list below.

CZ 75 series does not have any pistols made as optics ready models, so this cut is always the same.

Front sight profile

CZ 75B models use the CZ 75 series front sight standard.

That means that for fixation of the front sight in the dovetial cut you will use the pin that goes underneath the front sight.

CZ 75 series front sight standard

This front sight standard is shared among vast majority of metal CZ guns.

Models with compatible sights

Below you can find pistols with compatible sights. In other words, you can use the same sights for these models as you can for CZ 75 models. And vice versa – the sights made for CZ 75 will fit to these models.

CZ 75B

With models accompanied by * make sure to read the footnote.

  • CZ 75B
  • CZ 75B SA
  • CZ 75BD Police
  • CZ 75B Omega
  • CZ 75B Stainless
  • CZ 75B New edition
  • CZ 75 P-01
  • CZ 75 P-01 Omega
  • CZ 75 P-01 Steel Black
  • CZ 75 Compact
  • CZ 75 D Compact
  • CZ 75 SP-01
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
  • CZ 85
  • CZ 85B
  • CZ 85 Combat
  • CZ 97B
  • CZ 97BD

Types of CZ 75 sights

There are different types of sights.

Also you can replace different pieces of sights solely.

Switching solely front or rear sight

You can switch only the front sight for fiber optic front sight so that you can find the sight faster. You can also replace solely the rear – for one without dots but grooved. Or for rear sight that is adjustalbe for height as well as for side.

When you are switching only part of the sights, make sure the height of the part of the sights is matching the factory sights.

CZ 75 fully adjustable rear sight

If you replace the factory rear sight for one that requires higher front sight than the factory front sight, you will have trouble hitting the target. Thus when selecting only from rear sights, make sure the height is the same as factory.

CZ 75B front sight

The same if you are replacing the front sight. Make sure that the front sight height is the same as the original one.

Switching the whole sight set

Ideally you switch the whole sight set. Why ideally? You avoid the risk of getting wrong heights for the sights (in the set they shall just be matching).

And also because the set will be the same style – shade of the material, quality of processing, style: grooved or dotted, etc.

Fiber optic sights

Fiber optic is very popular for competitive shooting. It allows you to find the sight picture faster and easier.

You can select from two types – either the whole sight set is fiber optic (rear and front), or solely the front sight is fiber optic.

CZ 75 fixed sights

Which to recommend? It really is up to personal prefference. Some shooters prefer to have only one dot in the sight picture, other like the allignment of three dots (two in rear, one in front).

Adjustable or fixed

Often you can find the fiber optic sights made in two variants:

  • fixed, and
  • fully adjustable

CZ 75 adjustable sight set

The adjustability becomes really handy if your pistol is not fully zeroed. Instead of knocking the rear left & right to center properly, you can just do two movements with the adjustability screw and its solved. The same goes for height adjustability. The adjustability comes from the rear sight. To be able to adjust the sight picture, you need to have fully adjustable rear sight as part of the set.

Tritium night sights

If you own a gun more for self defense purposes, you will have more use for tritium sights.

CZ 75 tritium night sights

As with the fiber optics, also tritium sights come in two variants – tritium front sight & black rear, or tritium in both: rear and front sight.

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