CZ P10C sights: what are the options?

CZ P10C sights: what are the options

sightsBeing able to aim fast and under all conditions is crucial for every gun owner. Here we explain what are the options for sights replacement on your CZ P10C pistol whether you own a gun for self defense or for sporting purposes. We also cover all benefits and negatives from each type of the sights.

As you can see in the CZ P10C full specification, factory sights are fixed with luminescent dots. Those are not to be confused with night sights though – luminescent sights glow only in very limited conditions!

And one extra teaser – did you know that CZ P10C sights share the same profile as some other CZs? See the full compatibility of sights here: CZ P-10 rear sight profile.

How to be choosing sights

When you decide to improve the sights on your pistol, you must mainly consider how you will use the gun. 

Will you carry it mostly for self defense purposes? Or do you plan to use it mostly on shooting range to improve you shooting skills? Or will it  be combination of both, partly sporting purposes and partly self defense?

Once this question is answered, you can go further to selecting sights that match your other expectactions.

Because there is no universal best sights for all purposes, unfortunately.

Types of CZ P10C sights

The separation of sights based on the planned use is following:

  • for self defense you will be looking mainly for tritium night sights
  • for sporting purposes you will be looking fiber optic sights, and
  • for combination of both you may consider some more expensive hybrid sights connecting benefits of both night sights and fiber optic sights.

CZ P10C tritium night sights

Tritium sights are also reffered as night sights.

These sights generate energy for glow from the tritium capsule. Compared to the factory luminescent sights they are therefore not dependent on external energy sources.

You can often see tritium sights with different colors. To make the aiming faster, manufacturers make the ring around the tritium capsule colored in order to make it more visible.

CZ P10C tritium sights

Tritium sights are perfect for dark light conditions. The contrast between glowing tritium dot and darkness around makes the dot so easily visible.

On the other hand, if the light conditions are good and you are looking at the sights in day light, the contrast will be missing and sights less distinct.

See more on the types of CZ P10C tritium night sights here.


  • perfect visibility in bad light conditions
  • range of color combinations for even faster aiming process


  • not so great visibility in good light conditions

CZ P10C fiber optic sights

Fiber optic sights work perfect in good light conditions.

Whether you are shooting outside or in an indoor shooting range, as long as the light conditions are good, the fiber optic sights will work very well. In dark light conditions however the visibility of fiber optic sights is much lower.

CZ P10C fiber optic sights

The sights capture light from surrounding (whether artificial light or sun light) and project it to a dot visible from the point of shooter. Because of that the fiber optic rod is open.

In case you plan to use your CZ P10C very harshly, you could break the fiber optic rod. The rod can however be replaced


  • perfect visibility in good light conditions
  • many color combinations to choose from
  • also available as adjustable sights
  • you can replace the fiber optic rod by yourself


  • very low visibility in dark light conditions
  • fiber optic rod can get broken when treated harshly

Hybrid sights: tritium & fiber optic

And there is another option – hybrid of tritium sights and fiber optic sights: tritium fiber optic sights.

These sights combine both methods of glow – i.e. capture of light from surroundings and tritium capsule inside to glow in case of dark light conditions.

CZ P10C tritium fiber optic sights

As with all compromises, this mixes the benefits of the two but is not perfect in none of them. 

For dark conditions though, as the light goes through the fiber optic rod first, it glows slightly less than pure tritium sights. For light conditions on the other hand the sights also glows less than purely fiber optic sights.

Nevertheless, the sights still work very well in both dark conditions as in light conditions. But you will have to be a bit more careful with these because if you break the fiber optic rod, you will have hard time replacing it without any imperfections on the sights.


  • very good visibility in good light conditions
  • very good visibility in good light conditions


  • fiber optic rod can get broken when treated harshly
  • higher price
  • harder to replace fiber optic rod if broken
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