CZ P07 vs CZ P09: detailed comparison

CZ P07 vs CZ P09: differences

CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 are two hammer fired polymer pistols built on the same base. Yet these guns are not identical. We will look in detail how do these two guns differ.

CZ P-07 vs CZ P-09: differences

First we are going to look at how do these two CZ pistol differ when it comes to size, capacity, weight and also when it comes to spare parts, as you may one day need to replace some.

If you are looking for details on compatibility between these two models, check this CZ P-07 & CZ P-09 compatibility overview instead.


CZ P-07 is a compact sized pistol while CZ P-09 is a full size pistol. That alone tells that P-09 must be larger both in grip and in barrel length.

CZ P07 vs CZ P09 length

When it comes to length, CZ P-09 is 23mm longer compared to CZ P-07. 

Width is the same for both guns, but CZ P09 is 18mm higher compared to CZ P07.

CZ P07 vs CZ P09 height

The pistols have the same thickness of the grip, they only differ in the overall length of the grip. 


Thanks to the prolonged grip, the CZ P-09 can take longer magazines in its magazine chamber.

Because of that, without any extensions nor larger magazine base pads the CZ P07 can hold 4 rounds less: CZ P-07 has capacity 15 rounds, CZ P-09 has capacity 19 rounds.

CZ P07 vs CZ P09 capacity


The main purpose of these two guns, which are based in the legendary CZ 75 pistol, is to lose weight. Thus the polymer frame of the pistol.

Nevertheless, more material still corresponds to more weight. For this reason CZ P-07 is 80g lighter (CZ P07 weight is 780g with empty mag) compared to CZ P-09 (weight is 860g with empty magazine).

Obviously when loaded, the difference in weight is larger as P-09 can hold 4 more rounds.

Spare parts

As these two guns come from the same family – i.e. polymer pistols with hammer firing based on CZ 75 –  they also share lots of its spare parts.

CZ P-07 Spare Parts

Lots of CZ P-07 spare parts are therefore identical CZ P-09 spare parts. Not all of them however. What is different in CZ P-07 compared to CZ P-09?

Basically all parts that change with the size of the gun are different for each of those two hammer fired CZs. CZ P-07 uses shorter backstraps, different spring and spring guide rod, or main spring plug.

CZ P-09 Spare Parts

On the other hand, CZ P-09 uses the same firing pin, trigger mechanism, and other parts that are not changing with the size of a gun.

CZ P07 and P09 also use the same dovetail cut for rear sight – see the rear sight profile here.

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