How to install red dot plate on CZ P-10C optics ready

If you got an optics ready version of CZ P-10C, you now may wonder how to install a red dot to the slide. Here we explain.

If you want to install a red dot to a standard CZ P10C (without the optics ready cut), make sure to check this article instead.

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Getting a matching red dot plate

CZ makes 7 different plates for CZ P-10C optics ready models. That includes CZ P-10C OR and CZ P-10C OR SR.

Although there are only 7 different types of plates, those are from the most common red dot footprints. 

That means that you can accomodate to a specific plate any red dot that has the same footprint.

CZ P10C optics ready plates for red dot

There are these 7 types of CZ plates for CZ P10C optics ready models:

Other than those there are also other aftermarket manufacturers making plates for not-so-common red dots, such as Holosun 407K, Holosun 507K or Holosun 509T.

Howver if you get yourself some obscure red dot with non-typical footprint, you can expect to have big trouble finding a matching plate.

Mounting red dot plate to slide

The installation is very simple, just follow steps as below:

  1. Make sure the gun is clean and unloaded.
  2. Disassemble the gun so that you hold just the slide of the gun.CZ P10C optics ready slide
  3. Remove the screws holding the optics ready cut cuver attached to the slide.
  4. The size of the head of the screw is T10. Thus to unscrew the screws use T10 hex key.CZ P10C optics ready slide cover screws
  5. The screws are no locktited and unscrewing shall go relatively easy.
  6. Once screws are unscrewed, you can remove the optics ready cut cover.
  7. Insert the red dot plate into the cut. The cross cut on the lower side of the plate shall be fitting into the cross cut in the slide cut. The holes for screws shall be also lining up with the screws holes in the slide.CZ P10C optics ready plate for red dot
  8.  Together with the plate shall also come two T10 screws that work for fixation of the plate to the slide. Make sure the screws are clean before proceeding further.
  9. Apply a drop of blue locktite on the thread of the screw before screwing them in.
  10. Screw the screws in so that the plate is fixated to the slide with them.
  11. As the screws are tiny, make sure to use no more torque than 1.3Nm.
  12. Operation is finished, the plate is installed and you can go ahead and mount red dot to it.

Video guide

Red dot compatibility

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