CZ P10C holster: is IWB better than OWB?

What type of holster is the way to go for CZ P10C? We will show all the benefits and negatives from both types of holstering: IWB holsters as well as OWB holsters.

Holster is one of the must-buys for every gun. Together with replacement of sights, it also the most popular aftermarket upgrade.

If you intend to carry the gun concealed, we recommend checking also our article on CZ P10C concealed carry holsters.

CZ P10C IWB holsters

IWB in the name stands for inside the waistband. That is because these holster are carried inside of your pant, hanging on the belt of your pants.

CZ P10C IWB holsters: leather and kydex

All the benefits of this type of holstering comes from the very fact that the holster is inside of your pants.

Generally IWB holsters are more popular for smaller guns. Be it micro compact, sub compact. Compact sized gun, such as CZ P-10C, is right on the edge when you may also take OWB into consideration.

CZ P10C IWB holster with steel clips

The reason is comfort. While you may not even feel IWB holstered gun with smaller dimensions, for larger one it can be not comfortable to wear gun all day inside of your pants. 

On the other hand, if you dont keep your gun holstered all day long, you may not feel any discomfort at all.

CZ P10C IWB holstering

Benefits of IWB holstering

  • can be easily hidden
  • cloth does not be taken into consideration
  • gun is closer to your body and you have more control
  • does not require you to wear a belt

CZ P10C IWB holster with magazine extension

Negatives of IWB holstering

  • less comforatble to wear
  • not good for all day carrying

CZ P10C OWB holsters

OWB stands for outside the waistband. That means your holster will be carried on the outer side of your pants. 

This fact means the size of the gun is almost not to be considered for comfort as it will not be pushing into your body.

CZ P10C OWB holsters: leather and kydex

On the other hand OWB holstering also means it is more difficult to hide the gun and holster. You still can conceal the holster easily, but you wil lhave to always take clothing into consideration – i.e. long shirts, jackets, loose tshirts etc.

OWB holsters are more popular for larger format handguns – that is full size guns. For compact sized CZ P10C it really comes down to personal prefference and intended use.

CZ P10C OWB holster with safety button

Benefits of OWB holstering

  • more comfortable to wear
  • easier draw
  • good for all day carry

Negatives of OWB holstering

  • for concealment requires specific clothing
  • needs belt for mounting

Our choice

For standard version of the pistol we would go for IWB holster.

CZ P10C IWB holster with tactical light and red dot

On the other hand, if the CZ P10C has a red dot mounted on the top and flashlight on the rail, we would really consider switching for OWB holster.

This comes down to personal preferences, your figure and intended use (i.e. carry all day or just sometimes).