Shield RMS in detail

Shield RMS is a red dot designed for pistols from british company Shield. In this article we will cover the second genration of this red dot (Shield RMS 2.0) as the first generation is already discontinued. In this article we provide you with all details about the optic, its compatibility, etc. It is not review as such, instead we put all valuable information into this post so that you can decide yourself whether this optic device will work for you or not.

Mounting compatibility

Compatibility of red dots is solve by a footprint.

What does footprint stand for? Well as any other footprint, in this case also footprint tells us what does the bottom of the red dot look like.

With that information we will understand what kind of mounting device we have to use in order to fit the red dot. I.e. what is the positoin of the pins and screw holes of the red dot so that we can mount it.

Why is it important? It is one thing to get the best red dot, but it can be another thing to be able to mount the red dot to the gun you want. Luckily, most of the manufacturers share 4 or 5 main types of footprints to accomodate its red dots.

Shield RMS footprint

Shield RMS footprint (by which we mean also Shield RMS 2) is the same footprint as Shield RMSc. Thanks to that you can install this red dot to any mounting device that uses the Shield RMSc footprint – whether red dot mount or red dot plate.

*Shield RMSc footprint standard has 4 sockets, so that the mounting device shall have 4 pins. Technically it is also possible to use footprint from Holosun K-series as they use only 2 pins, but those two pins are in the exact same location*

If you wonder which other red dots share the Shield RMSc footprint, and thus can use the very same mounting devices as Shield RMS (incl Shield RMS 2), check this article: Shield RMSc footprint standard.

Shield RMS footprint standard

Shield RMS footprint consists of four sockets – two in the front corners and two in the rear corners. The sockets will fit into the pins on the matching mounting device. The red dot is then further fixed to the mounting device through two screws for which the footprint has two holes in the middle.

Shield RMS footprint

Screws for mounting of the red dot to the plate are always included in the red dot package.


Shield RMS is subcompact size red dot, sizes being similar to red dots of Holosun K-series (Holosun 507K, Holosun 407K or Holosun EPS Carry). From the perspective of weight, Shield RMS comes out much better – it weights only 0.61 oz.

Shield RMS has also a “polymer version” of this red dot – Shield SMS. The SMS is made of extremely durable nylon polymer and although you cannot see it in the weight, the different material is visible in the much lower pricetag.

*Shield makes also a compact version of this already subcompact red dot – find more details on the Shield RMSc here.

The dimensions of the red dot are following:

Length: 42mm / 1.7 in
Width: 25mm / 1.0 in
Height: 23mm / 0.9 in
Weight: 28g / 1 oz

Compared to the K-series red dots the Shield RMS is only available in red color. On the other hand, the RMS comes in two variants. You can choose either 4 MOA dot version or 8 MOA dot version. See more on the idea behind MOA dot size here.


You can download the Shield RMS 2.0 guide here.

Frequently asked questions

You may be looking for answers to one of these questions. For each find the answer below.

What footprint is the Shield RMS?

Shield RMS uses Shield RMSc footprint standard.

How to change reticle on Shield RMS?

Shield RMS does not have switchable reticles.

How to adjust Shield RMS?

For elevation adjustment you have to use the elevation screw on the right side of the red dot.

For windage adjustment you have to use the windage screw on the top of the tail of the red dot.

How to zero Shield RMS?

For adjustment of the red dot use the mini dial and adjust accordingly. One click is 1/4 MOA.

How to change battery in Shield RMS?

For change of the battery you dont need to demount the red dot from the gun. It has side access to the battery.

Simply insert a 2.5mm allen wrench into a side hole on the right side of the red dot. On the other side of the red dot the battery tray will come out. Remove it by hand and switch the battery.

The battery is CR2032.

Technical data

Light Source  – Red light emitting diode (LED) No laser; completely eye safe No radioactive materials

Red Dot Size Options  – 4 MOA dot 8 MOA dot

Lens  – Reflex x1 (no magnification) Low Parallax Lens Coating Si02 Quartz and Anti-reflection No coloured coating, minimises visible signature

Electronics – Battery One 3V lithium battery, CR2032 Battery Life 1 to 3 years – average use >4 years – dark storage

Brightness Adjustment – Fast Automatic Brightness Range Lowest – Compatible with Night Vision Highest – Visible against the sky in bright daylight

Exterior Housing Material – Areospace grade aluminum

Colour – Matte black

Dimensions – Sight only (Length x width x height) 42 x 25 x 23 mm 1.7 x 1.0 x 0.9 inches

Weight – 17.5 grams / 0.61 ounces

Lens cleaning

When cleaning your Shield Sight, the lens needs to be prepared and cleared of any debris before the cleaning process can begin in order to avoid scratching the lens.

We recommend using compressed air to blow away debris rather than wiping the lens. This can be in a form of an aerosol-can, that can be purchased online.

Once you are happy that your lens is clear of debris, hot soapy water is the most effective solution to clean the lens. Household washing up liquid is sufficient. Using a Q-tip, dip the end in the solution and gently start wiping the lens discarding the Q-tip after each full rotation to ensure residue is not spread across the lens. We recommend starting around the edges of the lens working the way in to the centre.

This process can be used for both glass and polymer lenses.

Included in the package

CR2032 Battery
RMS2 Cover
1° shim
2 x Button head M4x8mm screws
2 x Button head M4x10mm screws
2 x Hex Wrench tools 1.5mm, 2.5mm


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