How to switch CZ P09 safety to decocker: full guide

CZ P09 safety to decocker manual

CZ P09 comes with two safety features: safety and decocker. If you already switched the factory-installed decocker to safety and now wonder how to install the decocker back, this guide will be for you.

If you are looking for tutorial on how to switch decocker into safety, check this guide instead.

Switching CZ P-09 safety to decocker

CZ P09 comes from factory with pre-installed decocker. The safety is only as additional replacement in the original P09 box.

By the way, both decocker and safety from CZ P09 is one of the parts compatible with CZ P07. That means you can use the part from the other model too.

If you already replaced the decocker for safety and now want to put the decocker back, this guide is for you. We will show how to replace safety by decocker on CZ P-09.

CZ P09 with safety
CZ P09 with safety

Step by step guide

  1. Disassemble your CZ P09 so that you hold only the frame of your pistol.
  2. Place the frame into firm position, ideally into vise with some cover to avoid scratches.
  3. Press down the ejector to allow release of the safety lever on left side of the gun (left side from the point of view of shooter)CZ P09 ejector
  4. Remove the safety lever carefully and release the ejector.
  5. Push down the trigger bar so that it will allow you to move also the right side of the safety lever. Turn the safety lever up and then it will allow to remove.
    CZ P09 trigger bar
  6. Now safety is out of the pistol and we go ahead to install the decocker.CZ P09 decocker
  7. For safety installation we will start with the right side first. Push down the trigger bar to allow inserting the right lever of the decocker.

    CZ P09 safety installation
    CZ P09 safety installation
  8.  As with the removal of right side of safety lever, move the the safety lever up so that it can be inserted into the hole. Once in, push the lever to the correct position. Then release the trigger bar.
  9. To install the left decocker lever, push down the ejector and slide the decocker lever through.CZ P09 decocker installation
  10. Make sure the position the decocker spring into the hole as in the circle red. Then move the decocking lever through the spring.
  11. Secure the other end of the decocker spring behind a little leg that is underneath it. 
  12. Check the functionality of the safety, both levers shall be moving into the same position.
CZ P-09 with decocker
CZ P-09 with decocker

Video manual

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