CZ P09 in full detail

CZ P09 in detail

CZ is world renown for its CZ 75 pistols and other models which were built on the CZ 75 construction (CZ TS, CZ Shadow, CZ P01, etc).

Although most of these newer models based on CZ 75 are also made of steel, CZ made also a polymer version of the famous pistol in full size: CZ P-09. In this article we will look in detail into this large polymer hammer fired pistol.

CZ P09 specifications

CZ P09 is not only based on the construction of CZ 75 (so is also CZ P07). CZ P09 is the same gun size as the renowned 75 model.

To achieve better characteristis as a duty pistol for everyday carry, the CZ P-09 is made of extremely durable polymer instead of steel as CZ 75.

Nevertheless, some parts are still interchangeable as both pistols as hammer fired. For CZ P09 and CZ 75 models the following spare parts can be switched: trigger spring, main (hammer) spring and firing pin spring.

Dimensions, weight

Main advantage for CZ P-09 compared to CZ 75 is the weight. CZ P09 with empty magazine inserted is 860g.

When compared to CZ 75 models, it turns out that CZ 75 is 36% heavier in the same state of empty magazine – the weight of CZ 75 is 1170g. 

CZ P09 dimensions
CZ P09 dimensions

The dimensions of CZ P-09 are following

  • length: 185mm
  • height: 130mm
  • width 37mm  

Barrel is 115mm / 4.54” long.

Magazine capacity

CZ P-09 is from factory equipped with 19rnd magazines for 9×19 caliber. 

CZ P07 vs CZ P09 capacity

There are however also lots of compatible magazine base pads as they are compatible also with CZ P10 series magazines.

You can thus even further exceed the capacity of the factory magazines.

CZ P-07 mga pad
CZ P-09 magazine base pad

Trigger mechanism

CZ P-09 comes with the same SA/DA CZ Omega trigger as CZ P-07.

In the SA the trigger pull is 4.5lb.

In the DA regime the trigger pull is 10.5b.

Factory sights

CZ P-09 comes from factory with fixed steel sights with white luminescent dots. These sights are not night sights as such though.

Luminescent sights capture light from the surrounding and then glow for some time. It they do not capture enough light, or too much time passes since the capture, they will not glow in dark conditions at all.

CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sight set
CZ P09 fiber optic sporting sights

CZ P-09 shares the same dovetail cut for sights as CZ P-07. All other CZ pistols have the dovetail cut shaped differently.

For that reason you can install into your CZ P-09 any sights that are also fitting CZ P-07 – whether those sights are night sights, fiber optic sporting sights, or just replacing the front sight.

CZ P-07 rear sight dovetail cut
CZ P-07 & CZ P-09 rear sight dovetail cut

If you want to replace the factory sights, make sure to check the CZ P09 sight selection article.


CZ P-09 comes with few features that you will not get with the old CZ 75 pistol:

  • It has interchangeable backstraps – all included in the package: small, medium and large size. 
  • Interchangeable safety and decocker system – from factory the gun comes with installed decocker. You can however switch to safety easily by yourself.
  • Standard rail – allowing installation of tactical light underneath the barrel.
  • Extremely durable polymer – same as for CZ P07, the materials used for frame of the gun use fiberglass reinforcement and thus are maximally strong and stable.

Aftermarket upgrades

As the P09 pistol does not have any grips, to make sure the gun fits you hand comfortable, it comes with 3 differently sized backstrap so you can the fitting yourself.

Other than that, CZ P09 also has relatively wide range of upgrades. You can improve the springs so the trigger goes smoother and the recoil is smaller 

CZ P07 recoil reduction springs
CZ P09 recoil reduction springs

You can also replace sights depending on the intended usage of the gun. If you plan to use it for self defense, there are quite a few night sights on the market. If you plan to shoot mainly on range, you can get better visible fiber optic sights. We also recommend checking the CZ P07 & P09 rear sight profile – you will find out which sights are compatible with this pistol.

And there are also other options, such as getting your gun milled for red dot. 

CZ P09 holsters
CZ P09 holsters

CZ P09 also has many parts interchangeable with the P07 pistol. See this CZ P-07 & CZ P-09 compatibility article.

Therefore if you find a part compatible with P07, the chances are high you will be also able to install it to your P09.

That is however not the case for holsters. As these two guns are different sizes (CZ P09 is full sized, CZ P07 is compact sized) – the type of holster you will be selecting for your P-09 is going to be different from holster for CZ P-07.

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