CZ P07 accessories overview

CZ P07 is perfect as it comes. However, you can make it even more perfect. How? We show you which parts can be further upgraded on your CZ P07 pistol!

CZ P-07 Sights

Tritium sights with green dots

CZ P07 comes from factory with fixed steel sights with luminescent dots.

If you want to use the gun for self defense purposes, you will probably want to change those sights for tritium night sights. Why?

Although the luminescent sights are visible in dark conditions too, they only work for short time.

Luminescent sights get energy by capturing light from surroundings.

The sights however can only gain energy for few hours of function. And that is also only possible if the sights were able to capture enough light before they are to be used.

CZ P-07 tritium night sights
CZ P-07 tritium night sights

If you thus keep the gun in inside the waistband holster, the sights will hardly capture any light and thus the luminescent sights will not work in dark conditions. Night sights on the other hand dont need external source of energy and thus work 100% sure for years on their own.

Similarly if you plan to use your gun primarily on shooting range you will probably want to improve the aiming process by going for fiber optic sights. That is because fiber optic collects the light from surrounding and transfers it into shining dot visible from the point of view of the shooter.

CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sights
CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sights

We wrote in more detail about CZ P07 sights selection here.

And how about the compatibility of sights for P07? See this article on rear sight dovetail profile to find out which sights are compatible with your model.

Holsters for P07

Holstering is probably as key as the gun selection itself. Not being to reach your gun quick and safe is crucial for self defense carry.

CZ P07 IWB holster
CZ P07 IWB holster

There are basically two main types of holsters for daily carry: 

  • inside the waistband holsters for P07 (IWB holsters), 
  • outside the waistband holsters for P07 (OWB holsters). 

Each of those types has its benefits and negatives. Also you can find these holsters made of different materials with lots of unique features.

CZ P07 OWB holster
CZ P07 OWB holster

We write in more detail about each of those in this article: CZ P07 holster types.

Recoil reduction

For some shooters the factory recoil spring can be too tough and need aftermarket replacement.

CZ P07 recoil reduction springs
CZ P07 recoil reduction springs

There are possible replacements that work as a reduction of recoil and at the same time avoid damaging the slide of the gun in the market.

We have good experience with DPM springs to reach lower recoil. 

Also you can play with springs for lower trigger pull (weaker trigger spring).

Magazine base pads

Mag pad flush with grip

Another easy upgrade is mag pads.

Generally mag pads are being replaced for

  • larger capacity
  • better materials 
  • weight distribution 
  • design

We go more in depth of the mag pads replacement in another article. Make sure to read CZ P07 mag pads overview.

CZ P07 mag pads overview
CZ P07 mag pads overview