CZ P07 & CZ P09: compatibility overview

CZ P07 and CZ P09 have much in common: both are hammer fired, both are based on the construction of CZ 75, and both are polymer based. In this article we show which parts can be used interchangeably between these two pistols.

CZ P-07 & CZ P-09: compatibility

Which parts from CZ P-09 can be used in CZ P-07 pistol? And which CZ P07 parts will work in CZ P09? Its not the same ones. We explain below.


Although CZ P07 and CZ P09 are guns with different sizes (compact sizez P07 vs standard size P09), and lengths and heights of these guns are different, the two pistols have the same width.

Thanks to that, magazines between these two guns are the same thickness.

CZ P07 magazine and CZ P09 magazine
CZ P07 magazine and CZ P09 magazine

Does that mean that you can switch magazines between these two guns without any issue? Unfortuantely no, as explained below.

CZ P-07 magazines in CZ P-09

CZ P-07 magazines will simply not work in CZ P-09 guns. Why? Because they are simply too short to be fully in, and to feed the gun.

CZ P-09 magazines in CZ P-07

On the other hand, CZ P-09 magazines will work in CZ P-07, they will get fully inside and be able to 100% function.

However, because P-09 has longer mags, the magazines will exceed the pistol grip of CZ P07.

CZ P09 magazine in CZ P07
CZ P09 magazine in CZ P07

This problem of magazine exceeding grip has a solution.

If you get a magazine sleeve made for P-09 mags to fit CZ P-07 (such as these), you will be able to use the magazines without the gun looking odd. And, you will be able to add more capacity to your gun.

CZ P07 with CZ P09 magazine with sleeve
CZ P07 with CZ P09 magazine with sleeve [source]
From the original 15rnd capacity of CZ P07 you will be able to reach up to 19rnd or 21rnd capacity – based on the magazine base pad used for P-09 magazine.

How is it with compatibility of other CZ mags regarding CZ P-07 pistol? We explain in more detail here: CZ P07 magazine compatibility.

Mag pads

Magazine base pads can extend the capacity of a magazine. They also add weight to the bottom of the magazine which results in easier magazine drop out of mag chamber upon pressing mag release.

Mag pads from polymer CZ pistols (CZ P07, CZ P09 and CZ P10 series) allow installation of the same magazine base pads. That however does not mean that all these guns use the same base pads.

Base pads are generally made in two variants –

  • shorter – to work with magwell, or
  • longer – to be flush with the grip.

If you are looking for shorter mag pads, you can use these mag pads interchangeably between CZ P07 and CZ P09 – they will be the same.

However, if you are looking for magazine base pads to be flush with the pistol grip, they are not the same.

CZ P-07 polymer magazine base pad

Magazine base pad from CZ P-07 is slightly thinner in the front. Therefore if you install such P07 mag pad on P09, it will not be flush with CZ P09 grip – there will be a little difference between the thickness of grip and thickness of mag pad.

The same works for CZ P-09 mag pads. As these are thicker compared to P-09 mag pads, if you use those on CZ P-07 magazines, the mag pads will exceed the slide slightly in the front.


CZ P07 and CZ P09 use 100% the same sights. See more on the rear sight dovetail profile here.

CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sights
CZ P07 & CZ P09 adjustable fiber optic sights

Whether it is original P-07 spare parts sights or aftermarket P-07 sights, they will work the same on CZ P-09.

And it works the same also vice versa. You can get any sights from CZ P-09 to CZ P-07.

CZ P-07 rear sight dovetail cut
CZ P07 & CZ P09 rear sight dovetail cut

This applies to changing solely the front sight, as well as changing the whole sight set.

CZ P-07 Kadet and CZ P-09 Kadet however have slightly different cut for sights. These sights are thus not compatible with standard 9×19 versions of these guns.