CZ P07 magazines compatibility

Will your CZ P07 magazines work also in CZ 75B? Or will you be able to use CZ P10C magazine in CZ P-07? We will show in detail how is it with CZ P07 magazines compatibility.

CZ P07 and CZ P09 magazines compatibility

CZ P07 is a compact sized pistol. At the same time CZ developed also its larger twin in standard size: CZ P-09 pistol. And although CZ P07 shares a lot of its spare parts with CZ P09, incl. sights, trigger and other. Magazines are not one of those parts: CZ P-07 mags have different capacity from P-09 mags. But does that mean they are not compatible?

CZ P07 magazine and CZ P09 magazine
CZ P07 magazine and CZ P09 magazine

CZ P-07 magazines in CZ P-09 pistol

You cannot use CZ P-07 magazine in CZ P-09 simply because it is too short and cannot get fully inside in order to be functional.

CZ P-09 magazine in CZ P-07 pistol

However, you can use CZ P-09 magazine in your CZ P-07 pistol. 

The P09 mags are larger than P07 mags but only in its length. Once the magazine is in, it is locked in and only will be released upon pushing the mag release button. In other words, the magazine is locked from the upper end and the fact that it is longer does not cause problems for its functionality.

CZ P09 magazine in CZ P07
CZ P09 magazine in CZ P07 without sleeve

However, such magazine will exceed the pistol grip and thus the gun will look a bit odd.

Magazine sleeve

CZ P07 magazine sleeve
CZ P09 magazine with sleeve for P07 [source]
This problem can be however solved by using a so called “Sleeve”, such as this one from Variant.

CZ P07 with CZ P09 magazine with sleeve
CZ P07 with CZ P09 19rnd magazine with sleeve [source]
This part will cover the extra exceeding part of the magazine and will make it look like a longer grip. The design of the sleeve is the same as of the P-07 grip.


You can use P-09 magazines in CZ P-07 pistol. The magazine body will exceed the pistol grip but that can be solved by using an additional magazine sleeve which will cover the exceeding part. 

By using P-09 mags in P-07 pistol you can get magazine of total capacity 21 rounds instead of the factory 15rnds magazines. How? If you go for the P-09 magazine, you have already 19rnd mag capacity. When you use an additional CZ P07 +2rnd mag base pad (or larger), you can then easily get to above 21rnds fully fitting magazine.

CZ P07 with CZ P09 magazine with sleeve
CZ P07 with CZ P09 21rnd magazine with sleeve [source]

CZ P07 and CZ P10 magazines compatibility

CZ P07 is polymer pistol as are pistols from CZ P10 series. Which will work in P07 though?

  • CZ P10S magazines

    • Not compatible at all simply because the magazines are shorter (CZ P10S is subcompact pistol)
  • CZ P10C magazines

    • These are *basically* the same magazines and work interchangeably, but the mag pads are slightly different. It does not affect functionality, just the mag pad will not flush with grip if it is magazine from CZ P-10C. Once you replace the P-10C mag pads for P-07 mag pads (which is possible without issue), you will have basically the same magazine as P-07 magazine.
CZ P10C magazine
CZ P10C magazine
  • CZ P-10F magazines

    • As long as those are made after 2021, the magazines for CZ P-10F (in 9×19) are the same as for CZ P-09. Thus compatibility with such magazines is the same as described in the first part of this article


CZ P-10F magazines (in caliber 9×19) are the same as CZ P-09 magazines and thus the compatibility is same as in the first half  of this article.

CZ P-10C magazines work without issue, just they have slightly different mag pads.