CZ P07 holster types

After getting a gun, getting few extra compatible magazines and selecting a good holster is a must. We show you how to orient yourself in the world of gun holsters so that you select the best one for your CZ P07 pistol.

If you are also looking for other upgrades for your P07, make sure to check the CZ P07 accessories overview.

OWB and IWB holsters

One of the first steps after getting a gun is getting a proper holster. You may later also improve sights, enhance grips and others, but a good holster is 100% required.

For tactical and duty purposes there are more types of holsters on the market. But for everyday carry of a gun, we will through the main ones: outside the waistband holsters (OWB) and inside the waistband holsters (IWB).

CZ P07 OWB holsters

OWB in the name stands for outside the waistband. In other words, these holsters are positioned on the out side of your pants.

CZ P07 OWB holster
CZ P07 OWB holster

What these holsters provide is more comfort use and very easy draw. For the position outside of the pants, it does not push you into your body and you almost dont feel like wearing any holster at all. Also the outside position allows very good approach to the gun.

On the other hand, OWB holsters are more difficult to conceal. Not at all that its not possible, but you will have to choose upper clothing with the knowledge that you want to have your gun concealed. For concealed carry of OWB holster is ideal some kind of light jacket or a shirt.

Pros of OWB holster

  • more comfortable to wear
  • allow easy and quick draw

Cons of OWB holster

  • belt has to be taken into consideration to fit the loops
  • a bit more difficult to conceal the holster

CZ P07 IWB holsters

CZ P-07 is a compact sized gun and so inside the waistband carry is quite reasonable way of carrying your gun.

CZ P07 IWB holster
CZ P07 IWB holster

Concealment for IWB holsters is 100% and you dont even have to consider clothing compared to OWB holsters (unless you walk around half naked maybe).

As from the definition of OWB holster it will be within your pants, the main benefit is much easier concealment. 

On the negative side, the IWB holsters are somewhat less comfortable to wear compared to OWB. Also if you are used to tighter design of your pants, the IWB holster may be difficult to position into such. Also the draw of the gun is something more difficult compared to OWB holster.

Pros of IWB holster

  • easier concealment
  • gun is closer to your body and you have more control over it

Cons of IWB holster

  • less comfortable
  • more difficult draw of the gun (can be much improved through training though)

Holsters for CZ P-07 vs CZ P-07 Duty

When ot comes to holsters, there is no difference for P-07 or P-07 Duty pistols. Although otherwise some CZ P-07 spare parts differ between these two pistols, the shape of the slide, and all parts that affect holstering, remain the same for these two guns.