Types of CZ P07 sights

What types of sights are available on the market for CZ P-07 pistol? We will look into the options how to improve the sight set on your gun. Alternatively you can also switch solely front sigh, as further commented in this article.

We also wrote full guide on how to replace sights on CZ P-07 – make sure to check that one out before replacing sights yourself for the first time.

As sights can change the shape of the gun (if you get extra tall sights), its important to take this into consideration also when deciding which type of CZ P07 holster to pick.

Night tritium sights for CZ P07

Factory CZ P07 sights are equipped with luminescent dots. Within day these serve well – in the sense that going from good light conditions to bad light conditions, they will shine well.

But if you need to use the gun in night, there is a high chance that by that time the sights will no longer shine. Why? Because too much time passes between the energy absobtion, and the usage.

CZ P-07 tritium sight set
CZ P-07 tritium sight set

For that reason, night sights is a must if you hold a CZ P07 pistol primarily for self defense purposes. 

For this purpose night tritium sights were invented. As tritium store their own energy, they do not need to collect energy from surrounding conditions as the factory luminescent sights.

Tritium sights

Therefore the tritium sights will work all the time.  

Tritium sights or night sights?

These are generally considered the same.

When looking for sights that will work in total blackout conditions, you will be looking for tritium sights or night sights as the names are used interchangeably.

In this article we also use these names interchangeably

How do the night sights work

Tritium sights glow all the time – day or night, does not matter. Its only in the dark conditions that the shining is much more visible.

Tritium rods
Tritium rods

The mechanism behind that is a small amount of tritium gas. The gas then  gives off the energy to phosphorus which makes the sights shine. More on the tritium sights mechanism in this article.

The lifetime of tritium sights is around 12 years.

Types of CZ P07 night sights

You can find few types of night sights. These differ by the color of the dot and by the shape of the sights allignment (dots or lines).

Tritium sights with orange front sight
Tritium sights with orange front sight

It is also possible to get a sight set with tritium only in the front sight as well as tritium in both – front sight and rear sight. We recommend going for the tritium in front as well as in the back, because the aiming process is then faster compared to tritium only in front sight. That becomes handy especially for fast-to-be-resolved self defense situations.

Tritium sights with green dots
Tritium sights with green dots

All the night sights are made as fixed sights. That means that these are not being made with adjustable rear sight.

Fiber optic sights for CZ P07

CZ P07 fiber optic front sight
CZ P07 fiber optic front sight

For sporting shooting you will do better with fiber optic sights. Tritium sights are excellent in dark conditions, but if you use your gun in good light conditions, you want to get fiber optic sights.

Fiber optic sights are are best to be used outside or in good light conditions.

They consume light from surroundings and transfer it into the dot visible by the shooter. As long as the light conditions are good, the fiber optic rods shine perfectly.

On the other hand, as soon as the light goes off, the fiber optic sights will not shine at all.

Fiber optic sights will therefore be the right decision for sport shooters for shooting range – whether indoor or outdoor. The rods shine perfectly in good light conditions and the fiber optic sights thus significantly improve and quicken the aiming process.

How do the fiber optic sights work

As slightly hinted above, the mechanism works on light collection. By the structure of fiber optic rod, which is always included in fiber optic sights, it collects light from its surroundings.

The rod usually something above 10mm long and by all the surface it collects light.

CZ P-07 Fiber Optic Sights
CZ P-07 Fiber Optic Sights

The fiber optic rod then transfers the collected light into the end of the rod. And the shining end of the rod is visible from the position of the shooter.  

Fiber optic sights are made most often as either 1mm or 1.5mm rods. That measurement reffers to the diameter.

The thicker the rod, the more the dot in the sight shines. If your eyes dont serve you that well anymore, definitely go for the larger fiber optic rod diameter.

Types of P-07 fiber optic sights

Fiber optic sights come in various variants.

You can find fixed sights with fiber optic only in the front and fixed sights with fiber optic in both rear and front sight.

CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sights
CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sights

There are also many types of adjustable fiber optic sights for CZ P07. Either with blackened rear sight and fiber optic front sight, or with fiber optic in front as well as in back.

CZ P-07 Duty x CZ P-07

As other CZ P07 accessories, also sights are completely the same for CZ P07 Duty as for CZ P07. Although we reffer only to P07 in the article, all can be applied the same to P07 Duty pistol. CZ P-07 sights are also compatible with CZ P-09.