CZ P07 mag pads overview

There are many ways how to improve your CZ P07 pistol. When it comes to CZ P07, other than sights replacement, good holstering springs adjustment, one of those possible improvements is also related to magazine pads. In this article we explain how is it with compatibility of CZ P-07 mag pads.

Why replace factory mag pads

CZ P07 mag pad

There are different reasons why to change the factory polymer magazine base pads for aftermarket mag pads. Most common reasons for mag pads are

  • larger capacity – you can make your P07 magazine into 21rnd capacity or larger
  • larger surface – for easier reloading,
  • sturdy materials – metal pads compared to factory polymer pads
  • adjustment weight distribution – better for shooting and also for the magazine release,
  • allows usage with magwell – because factory mag pads are too thick for use with magwell,
  • looks – good looking mag pad adds greatly to the looks of the gun

Mag pads compatible with CZ P07

CZ is known for its compatibility of parts and accessories between many models. That description fits also polymer CZ pistols.

CZ P-07 has the same magazine base as CZ P-09 and CZ P-10 models series. However, these guns do not have the same pistol grip.

Mag pad not flush with grip
Mag pad not flush with grip

As the grip of these polymer pistols is not the same, they also cannot use all the very same mag pads. The CZ P-10 and CZ P-09 mag pads will actually be little bit thinner in the front compared to the factory CZ P-07 mag pads.

This does not have any negative effect on the usage of gun, unless you are buying the mag pads to support your little finger. As the mag pads from these other polymer guns are thinner in front, it will not be in the same level as the P-07 grip, it will be few milimeters behind.

Mag pad flush with grip
Mag pad flush with grip

If you are looking for mag pad to be 100% flush with the grip of your CZ P07, you must be looking for mag pad made specifically for the pistol. Its much more common that shooters use mag pads that are not flush.