CZ P07 in full detail: size, weight, compatibility & more

CZ P-07 is one of the first CZ polymer pistols. In the world where wast majority of low weight polymer pistols striker fired, CZ P-07 is quite unique: this pistol is hammer fired. How could it not be when it is based on the famous CZ 75 pistol. In this article we look into the details of CZ P07: sizes, weight, compatibility of parts, and other.

CZ P07 specifications

CZ P07 is based on the construction of CZ 75. That is also why its one of the very few polymer pistols with hammer firing.

Although the renowned CZ 75 is made of steel and CZ P-07 is made of polymer, you can still find many parts interchangeable.

For both P07 and 75 models these parts can be switched: trigger spring, main (hammer) spring as well as firing pin spring.

Weight & size

The main advantage of P-07 is its weight. CZ P07 together with empty magazine weights just 780g.

CZ P07 dimensions

For comparison, CZ P01 in steel is 37% heavier than CZ P07. CZ P01 with empty magazine weights 1070g. Why compare it to CZ P01? Because both psitols are based on CZ 75 and both are in compact size (CZ 75 itself is full size pistol).

The CZ P-07 gun is 185mm long, 130mm high and 37mm thick. 

Barrel is 95mm / 3.75” long.


CZ P-07 comes with standard non-pinned magazine of 15rnd capacity for the 9×19 caliber. 

This capacity can be however further expanded thanks to wide range of mag pads.

CZ P07 vs CZ P09 capacity

Also thanks to the fact that CZ P09 magazines are compatible with CZ P07, you can use longer P09 magazines in your CZ P07 pistol. By that you can easily get the mag capacity up to 21 rounds.


CZ P-07 comes with SA/DA CZ Omega trigger.

In the SA the trigger pull is 4.5lb.

In the DA regime the trigger pull is 10.5b.


From factory the gun comes with fixed steel sights with luminescent dots.

Tritium sights with green dots
Tritium P07 night sights

These luminescent sights are not night sights by any means. They capture light from the surroundings and then glow for few hours. It they do not capture enough light, or too much time passes since the capture, they will not glow in dark conditions.

If you are looking for night sights or fiber optic sights as a replacement, check the CZ P07 sights overview.

CZ P07 adjustable fiber optic sight set
CZ P07 fiber optic sporting sights

Here we also must mention that CZ has the same dovetail cut for sights as CZ P09 and thus sights between these two pistols are interchangeable.


This gun comes with few unique features:

  • It has interchangeable backstraps – small for smaller hand, medium for normal sized hand and large for larger hand. 
  • Interchangeable safety / decocker system – you can easily switch between decocker or safety as a safety feature. See guide on how to switch decocker to safety here. Or also how to switch safety into decocker.
  • Standard rail – so that you can install light or any tactical enhancements underneath the barrel.
  • Extremely durable polymer – the gun uses frame reinforced by fiberglass so that the materials are maximally strong and stable.

Aftermarket upgrades

Compared to steel CZs the polymer P07 does not allow to change grips for better fitting. On the other hand you have 3 sizes of backstrap from factory in the package so that you can make the fitting yourself.

The CZ P07 still offers wide range of accessories and aftermarket upgrades.

CZ P07 recoil reduction springs
CZ P07 recoil reduction springs

You can switch sights specifically for your purposes [sport shooting or self defense], change the factory polymer mag pads for more sturdy ones. You can also reduce the recoil with lighter system of springs.

CZ P07 has also lots of parts interchangeable with CZ P09, thus there is a high chance that any enhancements compatible with P09 will also work with your P07. 

CZ P07 IWB holster