How to switch CZ P07 decocker to safety: installation guide

CZ P07 comes with two safety features that you can switch between: decocker and safety. As the gun comes with decocker from factory, in this article we explain how to switch the decocker lever into safety.

If you are looking for tutorial on how to switch safety into decocker, check this guide instead.

Switching CZ P-07 decocker to safety

CZ P07 comes from factory with installed decocker and safety in the box for replacement. Out of the two possible replacements (safety to decocker vs decocker to safety), this one is the easier.

CZ P-07 with decocker
CZ P-07 with decocker

Step by step guide

  1. Disassemble your CZ P07 so that you hold only the frame of your pistol.
  2. Place the frame into firm position, ideally into vise with some cover to avoid scratches.
  3. Press down the ejector to allow release of the cocking lever on left side of the gun (left side from the point of view of shooter)CZ P07 ejector
  4. Remove the cocking lever carefully, also remove the spring that got loose by the removal. Make sure not to lose the decocker spring.
  5. Press the trigger bar down so that it will allow you to remove also the right side of the cocking lever.
    *for the right cocking lever to be released, its necessary to move it up so it can go through the hole*CZ P07 trigger bar
  6. Now decocker is uninstalled and we can go ahead to install the safety.CZ P07 safety
  7. For safety installation we will start with the right side first. Push down the trigger bar to allow inserting the right lever of the safety.CZ P07 trigger bar
  8.  As with the removal of decocker, move the right side of the lever up so that it can be inserted into the hole. Once in, push the lever to the correct position. Then release the trigger bar.
  9. To install the left safety lever in, push down the ejector and slide the safety lever through.CZ P07 safety installation
  10. Make sure the left lever gets locked in the right side of the safety lever. You shall hear a click sound once its secured.
  11. Check the functionality of the safety, both levers shall be moving into the same position.

Position up of the safety means the gun is on safe.

Position down of the safety means the gun is on fire.

Video manual