CZ Scorpion charging handle replacement

If you are about to improve the CZ Scorpion, replacing the charging handle is one of the first steps to do so. There are many types of these charging handles on the market – folding, more robust, etc. In this article I explain you how to replace the original charging handle on CZ Scorpion for any aftermarket charging handle available.

1. Remove the pin holding charging handle

The charging handle is held in its position by a pin. You will have to push this pin out in order to get the original charging handle out of the gun.

How to do it? You can use your fingers / nails to push it, or you can use hex key for it.

Once you push it slightly out, you will be able to get the pin out from the right side of the gun. Simply my pushing it out by your hands, you will be able to remove it.

2. Push the charging handle forward

As you remove the pin that holds the charging handle, you can start pushing the charging handle out to the front position.

When pushing it out, you will get into a point that it cannot go further. That is because on the right side of the charging handle there is a spring that now have fallen into the hole after the pin.

Simply push the pin slightly back inside and the spring will be pushed in, and the charging handle will be free to go out completely.

3. Slide in the new charging handle

Now to get the new charging handle in, simply slide it back the same way as the original one was removed.

You will run into a little issue agian because of the spring as it will interfere with the handguard.

To solve this, simply push the the spring in by a hex key so that it is inside the handle when the handle is being pushed inside.

If you do not do it, you risk the spring will scratch the handguard, or that you will damage the spring.

4. Put the charging handle pin back into its position

Slide the rest of the charging handle in.

When you get the spring stuck again in the hole for the pin, simply push the pin again slightly in. As you get the charging handle in its proper position, push back the pin that holds the charging handle there.

And like that, you finished the CZ Scorpion charging handle replacement.

*Dont forget that the charging handles dont have to work with other than the original handguard. If you replace the handguard, you may not be able to get the charging handle in.*

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