How to replace CZ Scorpion stock

CZ Scorpion was designed to hold a stock and if your gun arrived without such, in this article I advise you how to replace the stock. Its not difficult and you can do it at home without need of any special tools. Lets get to it.

We will separate this guide in two parts:

  • removal of the stock plug that comes from factory, and
  • installation of the original CZ Scorpion folding stock

*The process of stock removal is the same for both: CZ Scorpion Evo models as well as CZ Scorpion 3+ models. As you can see in the spare parts diagram of both (CZ Scorpion Evo spare parts | CZ Scorpion 3+ spare parts), these guns have many internal parts different but the stocks are the same and fully interchangeable.

How to remove the stock plug

1. There is a stock removal button hidden under the plug. Use hex key or any other little object to press the button through the hole in the plug

2. Once the button is being pressed, push the plug upwards. In case it does nto move, help yourself with a little hammer with polymer inbetween (to not damage anything)

3. As the plug starts moving, simply remove it by sliding it upwards

4. And just as easy as this, the stock plug is removed.

*In case your CZ Scorpion model is not equipped with the same stock plug but it instead has some kind of adapter (for stock tubes etc), the process is the same. Push the button in any way and remove the adapter by upwards movement.*

How to install the CZ Scorpion folding stock

Installation of the stock is even more easy than removal of the stock plug.

5. Open the stock into folded position

6. Slide the part of the stock that is to be attached to the Scorpion from top of the mounting surface

7. Slide the folding stock fully down so that the button will go through the hole in the lower position. Once the button clicks into the hole, the stock is fully secured in its position and the installation is finished.