CZ P10M vs CZ P10S: what are the differences

CZ P10M and CZ P10S are two relatively new subcopmpact pistols from Czech manufacturer CZ. In this article we will look in detatil on how do these two pistols differ from each other.

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We opened the article with statement that both of these pistols are of subcompact size. Given the recent development in the subcompact pistols offerings, it would be more fair to put the CZ P10M in “micro compact” category. That is because the gun is distinctly smaller.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10S: sizes

Compared to CZ P-10S, the micro compac CZ P10-M is

  • 4mm smaller when it comes to height,
  • 6.5mm thinner when it comes to width, and
  • 9.5mm shorter when it comes to length.

Given the thinner size of P10M, you will have much less discomfort holstering CZ P10M into an IWB holster compared to CZ P10S.

CZ P-10M dimensions

Length: 160.5mm

Width: 25.5mm

Heigh: 112mm

CZ P-10S dimensions

Length: 170mm

Width: 32mm

Heigh: 116mm


CZ P10M is considerable smaller handgun. With empty magazine the total weight is just 575g. Compared to CZ P10S, you will save 135 grams of weight as the weight of CZ P10S is 710g.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10S: weight

The difference is even larger when the gun is fully loaded. While the tottal weigh of fully loaded CZ P10M is 640g, for CZ P10S the fully loaded weight is 815g. That is 175g difference, translaing to almost 1/4 weigh saved for CZ P10M.

How is i possible? It comes to the capacity of both guns – as explained below.


All the differences described earlier come from the difference in capacity.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10S capacity

Into CZ P10M you can get a single stack 7rnd magazine, thus total capacity 7+1 rounds. See more on CZ P10M magazine compatibility here.

For CZ P10S you can on the other hand insert 12rnd magazine (or larger), thus the total capacity from factory being 12+1 rounds.

Compatibility with other CZs

Other aspect from which to compare guns is parts compaibiliy.

CZ P10M spare parts

As you can see from the spare parts diagram of CZ P10S and CZ P10M, there are not too many parts interchangeable between these two models.

That itself does not mean anything negative. The important part is whether or not parts from other CZs are compatible with one or another model.

CZ P-10S Spare Parts

And from this perspective the CZ P10S beats the CZ P10M in a landslide.

CZ P10S share a lot of its parts with other CZ P-10 models (such as CZ P10C and CZ P10F and its variations)

Accessories compatibility

If you want to further upgrade your gun with aftermarket accessories, see below the compatibility of accessories of the compared models.


For CZ P-10M you cannot use any other magazines at all.

The reason comes from the fact that it uses single stack magazines, which are unique only for CZ P10M (other CZ P10 models are double stack)

CZ P10 magazine

On the otther hand, CZ P-10S can hold also magazines from its larger siblings from P-10 series. The larger dimensions of other P10 mags can be solved by using a sleeve.


Holsters are different for each CZ P10 model.

CZ P10 holster

Whether you decide to go for CZ P10M or P10S, you will still have to purchase holster made specifically for that model.

Holsters from other P-10 models will not fit on neither of these two compared guns.


You can use sights from other CZ P-10 models on CZ P-10S, but not on CZ P-10M.

CZ Fiber Optic Sights
CZ Fiber Optic Sights

As explained further in the full specification of CZ P-10M, the micro compact model has different mounting system for the front sight.

On the other hands, installation of sights to CZ P10S is the same as for other CZ P10 models. Therefore you can use sights interchangeably without fear of not fitting. As long as it fits other CZ P10 models, it will fit also CZ P10S.

CZ red dot mount universal
CZ red dot mount universal

Similarly red dot mounts for CZ P-10 models also work on P-10S, and plates for optics ready version of the gun are also the same for P10S as for P10C and P10F.

Spare parts

As mentioned already, CZ P10M does not share much parts with other CZ P10 models. You cannot use the same trigger, the same springs, etc. The inner parts are different due to the fact that this gun is the only single stack model from the P-10 series.