CZ P-10M vs CZ P-10C: differences

Both CZ P10C and CZ P10M are polymer striker fired handguns. From there on however these two guns differ quite a lot. We will look into it in detail.

Size of the gun

What is different from the first sight is the dimensions.

CZ P-10M is in a handgun category of micro compact guns. On the other hand, CZ P-10C belongs to compact guns.

Both have “compact” in the name, yet the difference is very well visible.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10C dimensions

Compared to CZ P-10C, the micro compac CZ P10-M is

  • 20mm smaller when it comes to height,
  • 6.5mm thinner when it comes to width, and
  • 26.5mm shorter when it comes to length.

CZ P-10M dimensions

Length: 160.5mm

Width: 25.5mm

Heigh: 112mm

CZ P-10C dimensions

Length: 187mm

Width: 32mm

Heigh: 132mm

Weight of the gun

CZ P10M is considerable smaller handgun. With empty magazine the total weight is just 575g.

Compared to CZ P10C, you will save 165 grams of weight as the weight of CZ P10C is 740g. For example, between CZ P10M and CZ P10S the weight difference is just 30g smaller.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10C weight

Capacity of magazine

Both the weight and the size differences originate from the fact that these two guns can hold quite a difference capacity of rounds.

CZ P10M vs CZ P10C capacity

You can get 7rnd magazine into CZ P10M, thus total capacity 7+1 rounds.

Yet into CZ P10C you can use 15rnd or 17rnd factory magazine (or larger), thus the total capacity from factory being 17+1 rounds.


Both of the compared CZs come from factory with fixed steel sights with luminescent dots.

The sights are not to be considered night sights as the luminescent sights only glow after capturing enough light from surroundings.

Tritium sights with orange front sight
Tritium sights with orange front sight

On the other hand, night sights have their own source of energy in order to glow – the tritium capsule.

When it comes to aftermarket enhancements, you will be better off with CZ P-10C. Why? Because CZ P10C uses the same dovetail cut for sights as all other CZ P-10 models (CZ P10S, CZ P10F and all its variations). Therefore there are much more sights to choose from if you decide to go for CZ P-10C. 

CZ P-10M on the other hand uses different mounting for its front sight, and therefore unique sights have to be used for this gun. So far there are none such sights available on the market.