CZ P10M magazine compatibility

CZ P10M magazines compatibility

Will your CZ P10S magazines work in CZ P10M? And what about vice versa – will you be able to use CZ P10M in any other CZ pistol? In this short article we explain.

Compatibility of magazines

Unfortunately not, you will not be able to use any other CZ magazines in your CZ P10M pistol.

Because CZ P10M uses single stack magazines which non of the other CZs use, you can only use the original CZ P10M magazines in your gun.

CZ P10M magazine

Compatibility of magazine base pads

Magazine base pads are different for CZ P10M magazines from other CZ magazines.

The reason is that the CZ P10M magazines are single stack and thus thinner. Therefore the P10M mag pads are different from all other CZ mag pads.

CZ P10M magazine base pads

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