CZ P10C models: what are the differences

CZ P10C is the most popular model of the polymer striker fired pistols from Czech armory CZ. There are however many CZ P-10C models. In this article we will look in detail into the specific P-10C models.

All the CZ P10C models share the same base. They differ in details such barrel length and thread, slide cut and consequently sights. Eventually depending on which version you have, there are also different ways on how to mount a red dot to your CZ P10C gun.

Which model of CZ P10C also affects the possibility of sights. As optics ready version of the gun have the dovetail moved more into the back, you will not be able to find matching tritium night sights for such gun as they would hang over the slide. Why? Because vast majority of such sights is for standard version of the pistol.

CZ P-10C

CZ P10C was the first CZ striker fired pistol to be introduced.

CZ P10C classic version

The “C” in the name stands for “compact”. That makes sense as there are also models from the same CZ P-10 family:

  • CZ P10F (full size),
  • CZ P10S (sub compact) and
  • CZ P10M (micro compact).

CZ P-10C is the original construction of the pistol.

CZ P-10C model has no cut for installation of red dot, nor it has threaded barrel for isntallation of suppressor.

P10C is just the basic version of the gun. Without slide cut for red dot (see more on CZ P-10C red dot mounting here), without longer barrel with thread for suppressor.

See our complete article on CZ P10C full specification here.


CZ P-10C OR stands for “optics ready”.

CZ P10C optics ready version

This gun has a slide milled from factory. That allows you to accomodate a red dot to the gun.

The cut in the slide for optics is universal. That means that you can accomodate basically any red dot to the gun as long as the red dot is

  • within the dimensions of the cut (i.e. not larger) and
  • you are able to find any manufacturer that makes a plate for the gun and for the red dot.

Other than the cut in the slide the gun is the same as the earlier described CZ P-10C.


CZ P-10C SR stands for “suppressor ready”.

CZ P10C suppressor ready version

In practice suppressor ready translates into longer barrel (exactly 10mm longer) with thread in order to allow accomodation of a suppresor.

Other than the longer barrel with thread the gun remains the same as CZ P-10C.


CZ P-10C OR SR is a combination of the last two variants.

CZ P10C optics ready suppressor ready version

In other words, this gun is both supporessor ready and optics ready.

That means that the barrel is longer and with thread to allow installation of suppressor. And at the same time the slide is also milled in order to accomodate red dots with the red dot plates.

Side note

Be sure to select the proper holster for your CZ P10C given the version of the gun.

Size of the gun comes into consideration when selecting a holster, and what may was comfortable to holster in IWB without red dot can be not comfortable to carry in IWB holster once equipped with a red dot.

Also note that each type of the CZ P10C requires unique holster. You will not be able to carry a suppressor ready model in holster for standard CZ P10C.