CZ P10M full specification

ioCZ P10M is CZs first striker fired pistol with single stack magazine. For the single stack magazine and its ultra small dimensions, this gun belongs into micro compact category of pistols.

In this article we will go into full detail of this favourite concealed carry pistol CZ P-10 Micro made in Czech republic.

CZ P10M dimensions

CZ P10M is a handgun from the micro compact category.


The dimensions of CZ P-10 Micro are as follows:

  • height: 112mm
  • length: 160.5mm
  • width: 25.5mm
  • barrel length: 85mm / 3.19″

CZ P10M dimensions

The CZ P10M is extremely thin compared to all other CZs. This makes it also very easy to carry in an IWB holster.


The handgun is also extremely light weigth.

Thanks to the fiber-reinforced polymer used for the frame of the gun, the total weight with empty magazine is only 575 grams. 

With magazine fully loaded and 1 extra bullet in the chamber, the total weight of the gun is then around 640 grams.


CZ P10M is equipped with single stack magazine. From the modern production of CZ handguns this is quite a unique solution, as almost all of the post-communistic CZs were equipped with double stack

However only thanks to the single stack magazine can the gun achieve such micro compact dimensions magazines.

CZ P10M magazines

The magazine can hold together 7 rounds of 9×19 caliber bullets + 1 in the chamber – making it total capacity of 8 rounds.

Unfortuantely you cannot use any other CZ pistol’s magazine to make it use in CZ P10M. As this is the only single stack gun in the current production, it also has a unique magazine. Any other CZ mag will be too wide for this gun. See more on this topic here.

Capacity extensions

The capacity of the magazine can be however further extended.

As part of persionalization of CZ guns, there are available aluminium mag pads in various colors from the CZ production.

CZ P10M mag pads
CZ P10M mag pads

These will give your gun little better weight distribution as well as extra 1 round of capacity.

As the CZ P10M is relatively new gun on the market, there are not too many manufacturers making larger mag pads for CZ P10M but you can expect soon the market to catch on and there will be more base pads available other than the ones from CZ.


Factory sights are fixed with luminescent dots both in rear sight and in front sight.

Luminescent sights capture energy from its surroundings and glow then in dark light conditions. The functionability of such sights is however limited.

CZ P10M sights

For other striker fired CZs from P-10 series there are many sights to choose from: self defense night sights as well as sporting fiber optic sights.

You will probably not use your CZ P10M for sporting purposes, but night sights would be quite useful upgrade. Unfortuantely such are not available on the market yet.

CZ P10M has however different mounting for sights. The front sights is not installed into a dovetail cut from the front but it has a completely different side cut.

For this reason you will not be able to replace the factory sights with any other CZ P-10 sights, nor sights from any other CZ pistol, on your CZ P-10M.


As it is visible also from the CZ P10M spare parts diagram,  this gun does not share too many parts with other CZs, not even with other CZ P10 models.

Therefore – whether you are looking for sights replacements, magazines, magazine base pads or trigger – you have to be searching for parts made specifically for CZ P10M.  

Competition for CZ P10M

CZ P10M is a Czech answer to its southern neighbour from Austria – Glock 43. CZ has however wider offer range of handgun production, and CZ P-10 series is just one of the handgun divisions.

Where Glock can offer its Glock 43 model without rail, with rail, and with MOS version for red dot installation, CZ at the moment only offers the basic CZ P-10M pistol without any of its variations.

Nevertheless, comparison with Glock 43 and other micro compact handguns such as Sig Sauer P365 or Springfield Hellcat is totally on table.

When it comes to competiion from the CZ production, make sure to see our comparison of CZ P10M vs CZ P10S.

CZ P10M video