How to install scope to CZ 600 Alpha and CZ 600 Range

You got the new CZ 600 and now want to install a scoe to it. How to do so? In this article we explain in detail. We will go through the steps of getting the right scope mounting to CZ 600 Alpha and CZ 600 Range.

Scope mount / scope rings

The installation of scope to CZ 600 rifles changes with the specific model of CZ 600.

Some CZ 600 rifles are equiped with picatinny rail from factory, some wih Remington 700 type dovetail mounting.

And not only there are these two types of mountings, also you have to keep in mind that each of the models have different size of upper receiver. And therefore different type of mounting solution will be fitting.

CZ 600 Alpha and CZ 600 Range

To keep things simple, we will cover CZ 600 Alppha and CZ 600 Range rifles in this article.

How to insttall scope to CZ 600 Alpha

CZ 600 Alpha is equipped with standardized picatinny rail from factory.

For scope mounting that means that you can use any mounting soluion that uses either picatinny or weaver base.

Because the picatinny rail is not continuous, but rather divided into two rails, you shall be looking for scope rings. Why?

Scope mounts vs scope rings
Scope mounts and scope rings with picatinny base

Because scope mounts (i.e. 1 piece scope mounts) require full rail surface, while scope rings (i.e. 2 piece scope mounts) can be mounted separately and only need surface for each scope ring.


To install scope to CZ 600, you need to get 2 piece scope rings that will have picatinny base or weaver base.

How to install scope to CZ 600 Range

CZ 600 Range uses a Remington 700 base for installation of scope rings and mounts. This rifle is available in 308 Winchester and 6mm Creedmoor calibers. Both use the same size of upper receiver – medium.

CZ 600 with Remington 700 type scope base

Given these details, you have basically two ways how to install a scope to CZ 600 Range:

  • by getting a CZ 600 picatinny rail of size “medium” + scope mount or scope rings with picatinny or weaver base, or

    CZ 600 rail "Medium"
    CZ 600 rail “Medium”
  • by getting a CZ 600 scope mount for size “medium” and mount it directly to the dovetail  base.

Picatinny rail + picatinny scope mount

This solution will cost you more money and add some more weight to the rifle.

On the other hand you will have easily detachable universal scope mounting solution. You will also be able to use the same scope mounts at another rifle with picatinny interface.

Picatinny rail + scope mount
CZ 600 “Medium” picatinny rail & scope mount

When looking for the rail, make sure to select “Medium” size of the rail. The size of rail is determined by the size of upper receiver and CZ 600 Range comes with Medium size for both available calibers.

Once rail is installed, you can mount either 1 piece scope mount, or 2 piece scope rings. The important part is that those mounts or rings have to be with picatinny or weaver base

Dovetail scope mount

The other solution is to install the scope direclty to the dovetail with dovetail scope mount type Remington 700.

Remington 700 type base scope mount

This solution will cost you less money but will limit the number of scope mounts available compared to picatinny based scope mounts. If you are looking for a simple solution though and

CZ 600 Range uses the Remington 700 type base. Therefore you have to be looking for scope mounts with the same Remington 700 base.

CZ makes such mounts in two variants:

  • as 1 piece scope mounts – for such you have to look for medium size
  • as 2 piece scope mounts – there the size of the upper receiver is not relevant

Remington 700 type base scope rings


To install scope to your CZ 600 Range, you have to decide whether you want to

  • use mount for Remington 700 base,
    • then you select from the dovetail scope mounts available – for CZ 600 Range in “Medium” size
  • or if you want o transfer the base Remington 700 base into picatinny base
    • for CZ 600 Range the rail shall be in “Medium” size
    • once equipped with picatinny rail, you can go either for 1 piece scope mounts with picatinny or weaver base, or you can go for 2 piece scope rings with picatinny or weaver base