CZ P01 types of holsters

Types of CZ P01 holsters

After getting a new pistol, the selection of a holster is the first thing tha comes to mind. In this article we take a detailed look into the types of holsters available for CZ P01 pistol so that you can select the one that fits best to your needs.

Two types of holsters

CZ P01 holster

There are two main types of holsters. They differ further in materials, in the colors, in the size of sweatguard etc. But the general characteristis are the same for both.

These two types of holstes are

  • outside the waistband holsters (OWB holsters), and
  • inside the waistband holsters (IWB holsters). 

CZ P01 OWB holsters

Outside the waistband holsters are very popular mainly for its comfortability during wear. As the pistol is positioned outside of the pants, the gun does not punch you in the body too much.

CZ P01 OWB holsters

As the gun is positioned outside the pants, it is also easier to reach the gun for draw.

On the other hand this comes with limited concealment. If you want to carry the gun concealed in an OWB holster, you need to take your clothing into consideration. Shirt, longer jacket – anything that covers the holster on the outer side of your pants will work.

CZ P01 OWB holster

Pros of OWB holster

  • more comfortable
  • gun is more easily approached

Cons of OWB holster

  • a bit more difficult for concealment
  • belt and clothing has to be taken into consideration

CZ P01 IWB holsters

Inside the wasitband holsters provide 100% concealment – unless you walk around naked. This solution is generally more popular for compact sized guns, such as CZ P01.

Types of CZ P10M IWB holsters

This holster will hide your gun completely and also will hold it close to your body. 

On the negative, the IWB holsters are a bit less comfortable to carry compared to outside the waistband holsters.

CZ P01 IWB holster

And although you do not take clothing much into consideration when carrying IWB holster, you will have to consider little bit wider pants. Why? Into tighter pants this holster will simply may be too large to position in.

Pros of IWB holster

  • easily concealed
  • you have more control over the gun as it is closer to your body

Cons of IWB holster

  • less comforatble to wear


When selecting a holster, the main thing for consideration is the size of the gun. For compact sized gun such as CZ P01 I would not be afraid to go for IWB holster.

CZ P01 IWB holster

On the other hand, if you want to have the gun equipped with tactical light or even red dot, I would incline more to OWB holster as the total size of the holstered gun will increase.

Other enhancements of your CZ P01

CZ P01 is quite compatible gun when it comes to its parts and accessories interchangeability with other CZs.

To improve your shooting you can also enhance the grips for better ones, tune your springs for lower recoil and smoother trigger pull, improve your sights for more precision shooting – eiher for standard sights as such, or by mounting a red dot.

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