Production of CZ 457 models

Production of CZ 457 Rifles

CZ is one of the world leading gun manufacturers for civilian markets. And within rimfires production, CZ is definitely a leader in the industry. With expansion to new markets, it may be necessary to move some of its operations into different destinations. It does not come by surprise that one may ask – where are CZ 457 rifles made?

CZ – Colt Group

The concerns about the origin of production of CZs started with the aquisition of Colt by CZ.

CZ Colt

Since the aquisition there were many concerns of future quality of the products. Will CZ move the production from Czech republic to USA because of that? Will it be in Colt facilities? And similar other question arose.

CZ 457 production

CZ 457 models are still being made in the Czech republic. Actually CZ makes the CZ 457 models in a town of Uhersky Brod in the Czech republic, where the production sits since 1936.

CZ Factory
CZ Factory

However, for certain CZ 457 models its not impossible that the final assembly of the rifle take place in the counrty of destination. The basis nevertheless comes from Czech republic.

Production of other CZ models

Although most CZs are still being with “Made in Czech republic” stamp on it, that however does not mean that the whole production of CZ only take place in Czech republic. As CZ says on its web, some P-10 models for US market (such as CZ P-10S) are being made in cooperation with its US subsidiary CZ-USA, and make part of the production in the city of Kansas, KS. CZ however does not specify whether they make in USA the whole pistol, or just assembly. 

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