CZ 457 AT-ONE: full specification

CZ is a lead in rimfire industry for decades already. As the first CZ rimfires came from production more than 70 years ago, the tradition goes almost back to the very begginings of CZ. CZ makes their rimfires in series. From older CZ Brno models, to later CZ 452 models, recent CZ 455 models and finally, the newest series of CZ 457 models. One of the most distinct rimfire rifles from current CZ production is for sure CZ 457 AT-ONE.

Models in CZ 457 series differ from each other from the first sight:



Barrel length of CZ 457 is right in the middle compared to other CZ rimfires. With the lenght of barrel of 20 ” (or 525 mm), it is shorter than the longest of CZ 457 rifles (such as CZ 457 Premium) yet longer than lot of other CZ 457 models (such as CZ 457 MTR, CZ 457 Varmint, and other).

If we consider only CZ rimfires with heavy Varmint barrel, it is actually the longest barrel of the models available.

The end of the barrel has also thread allowing installation of compensator for better gas exhaustion. The thread is standard 1/2×20 and therefore you will have easy time finding a fitting compensator. Just make sure the compensator is made for Varmint barrel so that your rifle does not downgrade in looks.



This CZ 457 model does not come with sights from production. It is expected that you will mount a scope to this rifle and there you have lots of options. CZ 457 AT-ONE use the standard 11mm dovetail, making it possible for you to mount a scope in two different ways:

  • with dovetail mounts, or
  • with picatinny rail & picatinny mounts.

CZ 457 Picatinny Rail

We go further in details of mounting a scope to CZ 457 models in this article. In short, to use picatinny mounting systems, you will have to get a picatinny rail for CZ 457 – they are the same for all CZ 457 models. Once you rifle is equipped with such, you can select from wide range of scope mounst on the market.

If you go for dovetail mounts, the range of products is somewhat smaller.

CZ 457 magazines

CZ AT-ONE uses the same magazines as other CZ 457 models and also older CZ rimfires.  The magazine is detachable and replaceable.

Although the rifle comes with 5rnd magazine from factory, you can replace with with larger 10rnd magazine, or even 25rnd polymer magazine. It will work with steel mags as well as polymer mags too.

CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno steel magazine

CZ 457 AT-ONE details

The total length of the rifle is 982mm when fully extended. The barrel itself has lenght of 525mm.

The rifle weights 3500g without any loaded ammunition inside.

The stock is laminated, barrel is threaded, cheek rest is adjustable, butt pad is adjustable, as well as the trigger of this rifle is adjustable.


CZ 457 AT-ONE is a rifle of amazing looks as well as amazing performance. In past this model was available only within USA through the CZ-USA official importer, yet lately for big demand you can get this rifle anywhere in the world through your dealer.

The distinct look is made foremostly by the unique stock, which is original product from american company Boyds. The price for this rifle is little bit higher compared to other CZ rimfires, but the CZ 457 AT-ONE is definitely worth the money.