How to mount a scope to CZ 457

If you want to be a precise shooter, you need to have a scope. But how to mount a scope to your CZ 457? Lets find out.

Types of mounting a scope

There are two proper ways how to mount a scope to your CZ rifle:

  • mounting scope with picatinny system,
  • mounting scope directly to dovetail. 

Although mounting scope by picatinny system offers much more options thanks to the standardized picatinny mounting system, it also gets a bit more complicated and often also more costly. On the other hand, mounting scope directly to the dovetail is cheaper and more simple, yet you will not be able to get such a wide variety of mounts to work directly with the CZ dovetail. Lets get into detail of both.

CZ 457 Synthetic with scope

Mounting a scope to CZ 457 with picatinny mount

To be able to mount a scope with picatinny mount, you will need a picatinny interface, i.e. picatinny rail. 

Some CZ rimfires come with picatinny rail straight from the production line (such as CZ 457 MDT or CZ 457 LRP), but most do not.

CZ 457 Picatinny Rail

CZ 457 Picatinny Rail
CZ 457 Picatinny Rail

If you are lucky enough to have CZ equipped with picatinny rail from prodcution, you can skip this paragraph.

To get a picatinny interface to your CZ, you will need  a picatinny rail. Now there are many picatinny rails, but you need a picatinny rail specifically for CZ 457. That is because the ejection window needs to be without any cover and rails that were not made specifically for CZ 457 would block the window.

The good news is that all CZ 457 models have the same position of ejection window. Therefore you do not have to search specifically for picatinny rail for model Lux, Synthetic or Varmint, but you will be fine with picatinny rail for CZ 457.

There are more types being made and the main difference is a) material (steel vs aluminium), and b) angle (either straight, or with 20 – 25 MOA angle).

Picatinny scope mounts

Spuhr Tactical Scope Mount

Once your CZ rifle is equipped with picatinny rail, you have a lot of options how to mount a scope.

The market offers picatinny scope mounts with various tactical enhancements, such as side rail for additional mounting of a red dot, or quick detachment mechanism. 

Picatinny scope mounts are also being made in different types – they can be either made as one-piece mount, or as two separate scope rings.

You can also choose from variety of heights .

Mounting a scope to CZ 457 with dovetail mount

CZs without rail can still have scope mounts installed.

CZ 457 Dovetail Scope Mounts

The solution is scope mount with installation directly to the dovetail. Although this mounting solution is more simple, it will not be faster to install rings to the dovetail.

You can install the scope mounst directly to the dovetail but it will not be quick and easy. And you will not be able to demount it fast in terrain without special tools neither. If you however want to mount a scope to your CZ once and keep it there, you will do right if you decide to go for mount with dovetail installation.