CZ 457 series

CZ 457 Series

CZ 457 rimfires are the latest series of famous CZ rimfires. CZ rimfires serve already milions of customers all over the world. Not by accident: CZ is the leader in the rimfire industry for decades. CZ offers the latests series of rimfirse in very wide range of variations:

  • classic old school wooden design following the style of CZ Brno rimfires,
  • sport special with duralumin chassis equipped with picatinny rail from production,
  • light weight with polymer chassis for weather resistance, or
  • with ergonomic chassis and thumbhole.

CZ rimfires come with two types of barrels. Check out the barrel comparison here.

CZ rimfire rifles have interchangeable parts and accessories. You can use the same picatinny rail or scope rings for all the CZ 457 rimfires.

Spare parts of CZ 457 rifles are also compatible within various models. And where are CZ rimfires manufactured? The production of CZ 457 remains in Czech republic.

You can also use accesories from older CZ rimfires (CZ 455, CZ Brno) for your CZ 457 but the compatibility is limited. Although the dovetail si the same size, the ejection window is possitioned differently. Thus if you would like to mount a scope to your CZ, you would have to be careful. Why?

CZ 457

The different position of the ejection window means that the picatinny rail from older rimfires will not fit correctly. Although you could mount it to the dovetail, it would interfere with the window. On the other hand, you can use scope rings with mounting directly to the dovetail. That is because the dovetail is the same and by positioning the rings as needed, it will not interfere with the new position of ejection window.

Also older CZ rimfire magazines will work in your CZ 457 and vice versa without issue – that is for magazines in .22 LR caliber. For CZ 457 rifles in .22 WMR / Magnum the compatibility of magazines is slightly different.

Lets go through few latest CZ rimfire models in more detail

CZ 457 Lux

CZ 457 Lux

This model is the continuation of classic CZ rimfires. Wooden stock, american barrel, rimfire with simple design yet attention to every detail.

From factory this model comes with iron sights, 5rnd magazine and loopholes for attachment of sling.

You can also achieve better gas exhaustion with a compensator. As the Lux model is equipped with thread, you can mount a compensator that will match the American barrel.

CZ 457 Varmint

CZ 457 Varmint

Elegant, simple rimfire with thick and heavy Varmint barrel of length 525mm. This rimfire is ideal solution for precise shooting and sporting purposes. CZ makes this rimfire also available for left hand shooters: CZ 457 Varmint LH

Varmint model comes from factory without any sights. This model is designed to function with scope and you can mount that either through picatinny rail & picatinny scope mount, or by using dovetail mount that gets attached directly to the 11mm dovetail of this CZ. It also comes with 5rnd magaznie and loopholes for sling attachment.

CZ 457 MDT

CZ 457 MDT

MDT version is designed from the beggining to the end for sporting purposes:

  • beautiful duralumin chassis MDT,
  • picatinny rail with 25 MOA,
  • fluted barrel with compensator for better gas exhaustion,
  • height adjustable cheek rest, and
  • 4 different settings for the stock length.

As this model is equipped with picatinny rail from production, you can use all sorts of scope mounts with installation system directly to picatinny / weaver.



CZ 457 AT-ONE is rimfire from CZ-USA for US market originally. Yet due to high demand all over the world, CZ offers this in all the other regions as well.

This rimfire has heavy heavy Varmint barrel and MATCH chamber. The stock is made of laminated wood from Boyds.

The unique american stock offers two special features

  • easily adjustable butt pad, and
  • height adjustalbe cheek rest.

Thread further allows mounting of matching Varmint compensator.

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