CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno rimfire magazines

Where to find magazines for CZ Brno? CZ Rimfires are well known all around the world for its outstanding qualities. You can find CZ rimfires made 70 years ago that up to this day work as if they came from production just yesterday. Nevertheless it can be tricky to find accessories for them, especially magazines.

CZ Brno Rimfire
CZ Brno Rimfire

CZ Brno magazines

CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno steel magazine

You will be most probably not able to find original magazines for CZ Brno rimfires. Those were made of steel with steel mag pad.

Nevertheless, CZ has long tradition of keeping old models alive through comaptible accessories with new models. Thanks to that, you can take CZ 457 magazines made recently by CZUB and use them in your old CZ rimfire. They will work without any issue as the magazine chamber remains the same for more than 70 years of CZ rimfire production.

By the way

CZ 452 magazines

Original CZ 452 magazines are still out there available on the market, but very few of them.

Luckily enough, CZ 452 uses the same magazines as new CZ  457 models. That makes the new CZ 457 magazines fully compatible with CZ 452 models. You can therefore use any CZ 457 magazines in your CZ 452 without an issue.

CZ 455 magazines

Magazines for CZ 455  are still available on the market. Nevertheless those are the same as CZ 457 magazines. Therefore you do not have the search for magazines for CZ 455 as such, you can grab the new made CZ 457 magazines and they will work in your CZ 455 rimfire without problem.

CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno polymer 10rnd magazine

Types of CZ rimfire magazines

CZ makes more than two types of magazines, but there are two main categories into which they can be sorted: based on the material they are made of. Although the base pad is polymer for all newly made CZ rimfire magazines, the body is either

  • made of steel, or
  • made of polymer.

The magazines then come in different capacity. If the mags are made of steel, they are available in capacity of 

  • 5rnd magazines and
  • 10rnd magazines.

And if the magazines are made of polymer, they are available in three sizes: 

  • 5rnd magazines,
  • 10rnd magazines and
  • 25rnd magazines.
CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno polymer 25rnd magazine
CZ 452, CZ 455 & CZ Brno polymer 25rnd magazine

Polymer CZ rimfire mags

Polymer mags are lighter but less sturdy. Usually you are not looking for sturdiness with rimfire magazines, but it is still good to take into consideration.
New magazines have however polymer mag pads regardless of the rest of the magazine body. Thus steel mags will have polymer mag pad same as polymer mags. The inner parts of the magazine (spring, follower, pins) are same for polymer magazines as for steel mags, and you can replace them without hesitation.

Steel CZ rimfire mags

Steel magazines are usually harder to find as they are demanded more. Compared to polymer mags, they are heavier and the construction is more sturdy. Most shooter are looking for steel magazines not for weight lowering but to match the classic wooden design of CZ rimfire. Therefore the steel mags are more popular.

* all the compatibility information is related to .22 LR caliber only*