CZ 457 for left handed shooters

If you are a left handed shooter, you may noticed that its not so easy for you in the world of guns. Most gun manufacturers produce rifles only for right handed shooters. But not so CZ. When it comes to .22 lr rimfires, CZ offers quite a few options for left handed (LH) shooters with CZ 457!

CZ 457 LH models

As left handed shooter you had to choose your rifle very carefully in order to be able to function with it at all. The current list of CZ rimfires available for LH shooters is quite wide. Although you will have to skip the top models from the CZ production, you still can choose from many models.

CZ 457 American LH

CZ 457 American Left Handed

Rimfire CZ 457 American is with beautiful classic styled rifle. Stock made of varnished quality walnut wood with comfortable checkering for grip of both hands.

By length this CZ model belongs among the longer ones:

  • total length: 1087mm and
  • barrel length: 24 ” (610mm).

As this rimfire comes without sights from factory, you will need to get a scope mounted. How to mount a scope? We describe in detail here for classic models. For Left Handed models the selection is a bit more tricky and we describe in detail below.

Weight: 3.0kg without loaded ammo, barrel with 1/2×20 thread, allowing installation of additional compensator. Given the American style barrel, make sure the compensator is type “American”.

Factory magazine is 5rnd capacity, but you can change it for larger capacity mags too: 10rnd, 25 rnd, steel / polymer. How are the CZ rimfire magazines interchangeable? Check out our other article here.

CZ 457 Premium LH

CZ 457 Premium Left Handed
CZ 457 Premium Left Handed

This rimfire has from the first sight similar classic look as the CZ 457 American described above, but dont be mistaken. There are quite few differences:

  • built-in cheek rest,
  • different style of checkering,
  • more distinct finish of the stock,
  • equipped with iron sights from production with fiber optic in the front.

The model Premium is similar in dimensions. Length is almost the same (1085mm) and length of the barrel is completely the same (24 ” / 610mm).

Barrel is also made with American light profile and thread on the end allowing mounting of compensator.

Although this model is equipped with sights from factory, you still can mount a scope to it. How to do so? The method of selecting the right scope mount for LH models is described below.

Total weight of CZ 457 Premium LH is 3.2kg.

CZ 457 Varmint LH

CZ 457 Varmint Left Handed
CZ 457 Varmint Left Handed

Another classic designed CZ rimfire is CZ 457 Varmint.

This model is equipped with heavy Varmint barrel with thread 1/2×20 for compensator mounting. Given the thickness of Varmint barrel, be sure to get matching “Varmint” compensator to it.

As the CZ 457 American LH, also CZ 457 Varmint LH does not come with iron sights from production. Thus if you want to aim at all, you will have to consider how to mount a scope. How to get a scope for your LH model is described below.

Varmint is from the 3 left handed CZ rimfire options the shortest one – total length is 981mm. 

The heavy Varmint barrel itself is long 20 ” (525 mm) and the total weight of the rifle, with magazines not loaded, is 3.3kg, which makes it heaviest LH model.

Varmint model is equipped with beautiful varnished walnut stock that is straight, without cheek rest.

Scope mount options for LH models

Because of the different position of ejection window (normally on right side, for left handed shooters on left side), you will have to choose more carefully. Your options are

  • either scope mounts attached directly to the dovetail – as those do not interfere with the ejection window, or
  • you will have to get a picatinny rail with cut for ejection window on the other side – those are few on the market but they exist.

Worth mentioning that for picatinny rail mounting you will have much wider offer of scope mounts on the market.

Accessories for CZ 457 LH models

Although vast majority of accessories for CZ 457 will work fine on any model – whether made as standard or for left handed shooters – some will not.

The most important part that you will have to get different than for CZ 457 models is picatinny rail.

CZ 457 Picatinny rail for left handed shooters
CZ 457 Picatinny rail for left handed shooters

Because of the position of the ejection window on left side, the space in the rail for ejection window will not fit unless it is rail made specifically for left handed models. Unless you make it fit the left positioned ejection window yourself of course.

That procedure – adjusting standard rail to fit ejection window on left side – that is however not so easy. I have seen few readers do it, but I definitely not recommend going that way. These days you can get left handed rail and the few extra bucks that is difference compared to standard rail are definitely worth it.

CZ 457 Picatinny rail for right handed shooters
CZ 457 Picatinny rail for right handed shooters