How to adjust CZ 457 trigger weight

CZ 457 models are amazing rimfire rifles, but the construction allows many adjustments to make it even better fit. One of them is trigger weight adjustment. How to do it? We explain. In this article.

Other than tinkering with trigger you can also get the whole trigger mechanism changed, but I would recommend doing so only after using the factory possibilities to its fullest.

Although CZ uses some parts interchangeably for more rimfire series [such as magazines], the trigger mechanism is not one of those. If you decide to get a whole trigger mechanism, you will have to go for one specifically made for CZ 457. One of such solutions available is the amazing CZ 457 Trigger from Timmey pictured below.

CZ 457 Trigger

If you are about to adjust the trigger weight, you will come into play with just few parts of the complete trigger mechanism. You will not even have to demount it into these little parts, the process is quite easy.

CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism
CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism

CZ 457 trigger weight adjustment

To adjust the weight of your trigger, you need to focus on parts 55 [trigger spring screw nut] and 53 [trigger spring screw].

CZ 457 Trigger Weight Adjustment

To get into the adjusting, you first have to loosen up the screw nut. For that you will need 7mm wrench.

Once loosened up, you can reach the trigger spring screw. To adjust that, you need 2mm hex key and by moving the screw, you are adjusting the screw.

  • If you screw the key tighter – from the point of shooter counter clockwise – you are making the trigger weight heavier.
  • If you screw the key looser – from the point of shooter clockwise – you are making the trigger weight lighter.

Once set up as preffered, you put the nut back in its place and tighten up with the wrench.

CZ 457 Parts Diagram
CZ 457 Parts Diagram

Other possibilities of adjustment

Other than weight adjustment you can also adjust the trigger pretravel and trigger overtravel – we wrote guides for both.

And if the factory adjustments are not enough for your needs, you can get some aftermarket trigger upgrades for even further improvements.

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