How to adjust CZ 457 trigger overtravel


CZ 457 allows different trigger adjustments. Other than trigger weight adjustment and trigger distance adjustment, you can also adjust the trigger ovetravel after the shot breaks. How to adjust trigger in this manner? We explain in detail in this article.

What is trigger overtravel

Overtravel means the movement of trigger once the shot breaks. I.e. when the sear releases the mechanism.

You can either increase or decrease the overtravel movement by slightly tinkering with the trigger mechanism.

CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism
CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism

CZ 457 trigger overtravel adjustment

To adjust the overtravel of your trigger after the shot breaks, you need to focus on the screw #51.

CZ 457 Overtravel Adjustment Screw

The setting is quite intuitive. To start dealing with the #51 screw for CZ 457 triger overtravel adjustment, you need 2mm hex key – the same as for the screw for CZ 457 trigger weight adjustment.

By loosening the screw – from point of shooter clockwise – we bring the trigger into more forward position and as a result, we reach less overtravel. 

By tightening the screw – from point of shooter counter clockwise – we bring the trigger into more backward position, which translates in more travel after the shot breaks.

CZ 457 Parts Diagram
CZ 457 Parts Diagram

* Important notice: If you go too loose with the #51 screw and by that move the trigger too much into forward position, you can move it past the point where the sear catches the firing pin. In such a case, the bolt will not catch the firing pin.*

Other possible trigger adjustments

You can adjust more details with your CZ 457. Other than trigger overtravel you can also adjust trigger weight [full guide here], and you can also completely adjust the trigger distance [full guide for trigger pretravel adjustment]. Trigger mechanism can be also completely replaced for aftermarket trigger.

Alternatively, you can also switch the factory trigger springs for aftermarket springs. That will allow you to further reduce the trigger pull.

Video manual

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