How to adjust CZ 457 trigger pretravel

Triggers of CZ 457 series are fully adjustable. Besides trigger weight and trigger overtravel adjustment, the fully adjustable trigger of CZ 457 also allows to adjust the trigger distance for the movement before the trigger breaks – also known as pretravel. In this article we explain how to adjust the trigger to set the distance shorter or longer than factory setting.

Why to adjust trigger distance

Trigger distance, or trigger pretravel, represents the distance the trigger has to move before it reaches the break.

Whether adjust this setting of trigger or not is more of a personal prefference of each shooter. Generally though, the idea be that the less distance the trigger has to move before the shot, the less likely you will disrupt and move the rifle while shooting.

CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism
CZ 457 Trigger Mechanism

CZ 457 trigger distance adjustment

To adjust trigger pretravel distance on CZ 457 you will be dealing with trigger screw #49 that is visible from the bottom of the trigger mechanism.

CZ 457 Trigger Pretravel Adjustment Screw

Although for other trigger adjustments [such as trigger overtravel adjustment] you would use 2mm hex key, for trigger distance adjustment you will need hex key of size 1.5mm. The whole adjustment is done by tightening or loosening of the #49 trigger screw.

By tightening the screw – clockwise movement – you secure less movement of the trigger before the break. 

By loosening the screw – counter clockwise movement – you will reach more movement of the trigger before the break.

CZ 457 Parts Diagram
CZ 457 Parts Diagram

*With trigger distance adjustment you have to be also careful. If you go too tight with the movement, you will go past the moment where the shot breaks and therefore the firing pin will not catch the sear.*

Other CZ 457 trigger adjustments

Trigger mechanism of CZ 457 rifles allow also adjustment of the trigger overtravel – the movement after the shot breaks. We wrote full guide for trigger overtravel adjustment here.

CZ 457 Lighter Trigger Spring
CZ 457 Lighter Trigger Spring

Other than that you can also adjust the trigger weight as this guide shows in detail. If the factory adjustment of the trigger weight is not sufficient for you enough, you can look for aftermarket trigger springs to reduce the trigger weight even further.

Also its possible to switch the whole trigger as the article CZ 457 trigger options shows.

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