CZ P09 magazine base pads compatibility

You can enhance your CZ P09 gun in various ways: sights, holster, better grip, more compatible magazines and other. One of the possible ugrades is also related to magazine base pads. We will look into the compatibility of CZ P-09 magazine base pads.

Reasons for upgrading base pads

Base pads, also often reffered as mag pads, are the bottoms of the magazines. They are replaceable as you can only release the factory one and install a new one instead of it. Why shooters change the pads? The most common reasons are these:

CZ P09 base pad

  • larger capacity – depending on the size of mag pad, you can give your magazine some additional capacity
  • larger surface – better and larger grip of the mag pad is more easy to use,
  • sturdy materials – metalic pads will survive more
  • adjusted weight distribution – improves weight distribution for shooting, and also allows easier magazine release,
  • allows magwell to be installed – the magazine base pad has to be magwell compatible though (for example, mag pad in the picture on the right is not magwell compatible),
  • design – good looking base pad adds to the overall design of the gun

Mag pads compatible with CZ P09

CZ has many parts compatible for various CZ pistols. For CZ P09, the gun is for the largest part most compatible with CZ P-07. When it comes to magazine base pads, it is little bit more complicated.

CZ P-09 uses the same magazine base as CZ P-07 and models from CZ P-10 series. These guns have however different grip and thus not all mag pads from these listed guns are going to be flush with the grip of the gun. We explain further below.

Mag pad not flush with grip
Mag pad not flush with grip

CZ P-09 has the grip with the same width as CZ P-10. Mag pads made for CZ P10 models (except of CZ P10M which uses single stack magazine) will therefore fit flush also with CZ P-09. Or will they?

Mag pad flush with grip
Mag pad flush with grip

As the photo above – this is a mag pad that is flush with the grip. Some mag pad are made in its full width (as the one above) so they are flush. Some are made shorter though, Why? So that you can install magwell on the pistol.

Why do we mention it? Just because the mag pad will be designed for CZ P-10 does not mean that it will be flush with P-09 as it is the same width. Simply because the mag pad for P-10 may be made shorter to be magwell compatible.