CZ P01 sights: how you can improve them

There is nothing wrong about the factory sights of CZ P-01 pistols, but the aiming process can be improved with aftermarket sights. Lets glance over the options.

CZ P-01 factory sights

CZ 75 P-01 models come from factory equipped with steel sights luminescent dots. Even though they serve just fine, you can achieve better results with slight changes.

What is possible to change on the side of sights? You can change either:

  • front sight,
  • rear sight,
  • complete sight set, or you can
  • install red dot with a mount.
CZ P-01
CZ P-01

We explain compatibility of parts of CZ P-01, including sights, in this article. But in this article we will go through all the sights options one by one.

If you wonder where to get magazines for your CZ P01, which are rare almost as persian saffron, we may be of advise too. We wrote for you this CZ P01 magazine compatibility guide here to save you some nerve when looking for one.

CZ P01 front sight

Front sight is the easiest and more simple switch you can make on your CZ P-01.

CZ P-01 Front Sight
CZ P-01 Front Sights

Front sights are the least expensive, and the improvement can be fundamental.

Most common is a change of the factory front sight for fiber optic front sight. How does the fiber optic front sight work?

The fiber optic rod collects light from the surroundings and transfers it into the dot which is visible for you from the point of shooter.

The main advantage is better visibility in good light conditions.

The main disadvantage is even worse visibility (than factory front sight) in dark conditions.

CZ P01 rear sights

Another option, although quite rarely selected, is to go just for rear sight.

CZ P-01 Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
CZ P-01 Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

Why is it so rare to switch solely the rear sight? Because the main improvement in aiming comes with front sight switch.

Therefore unless you want to tinker with height & side adjustable rear sight (such as photo above), you will probably be better of going for front sight first.

As with front sight, you can also get fiber optic rear sight (as photo below). We would recommend going for that one only if you have already fiber optic front sight though.

CZ P-01 Fiber Optic Rear Sight
CZ P-01 Fiber Optic Rear Sight

Otherwise if you keep the front sight blank and get a rear sight with fiber optic, you will not improve much in your aiming process.

CZ P01 sight set

CZ pistols, even otherwise considered to be in the same series (CZ 75 series  etc), have from factory different heights of front sights and rear sights.

CZ P-01 Fixed Fiber Optic Sight Set
CZ P-01 Fixed Fiber Optic Sight Set

If you are looking for sights, it can easily happen that you end up with front sight or rear sight that is too high or too low.

For that reason, it is often safest to go for the whole sight set.  

Another reason to go for the whole sight set switch is the same quality of processing. What does that mean?

CZ P-01 Adjustable Fiber Optic Sight Set
CZ P-01 Adjustable Fiber Optic Sight Set

When you switch only the front sight, you risk it will be made in slightly different way – be it material, finish or grooving – unless the front sight and rear sight are from the same manufacturer, this is always a risk to consider. 

And which sights to choose? That depends on the planned use for the sights:

  • for self defense carry, you will probably go for tritium sights,
  • for shooting range usage, you will do better to get fiber optic sight set.
CZ P-01 Tritium Fixed Sights
CZ P-01 Tritium Fixed Sights

Red dot mounting for CZ P01

The last option to consider is a red dot.

CZ P-01 With Red Dot
CZ With Red Dot

To mount a red dot to your CZ P-01 pistol, you have two options:

  • either you can get your pistol milled, or
  • you can get a red dot mount, which works as a rear sight replacement.

For CZ P-01 pistols the amount of red dot mounts available on the market is quite limited. 

CZ P-01 Red Dot Mount
CZ P-01 Red Dot Mount

One of the most popular is red dot mount for Shield sights for the very compact size. Actually, the CZ P-01 red dot mount above is compatible with Shield red dots (as photo below).

Shield RMS Red Dot
Shield RMS Red Dot

Installation of such red dot mounts is quite simple, and is done basically the same way as rear sight replacement.