CZ P01 magazine base pads overview

Magazines for CZ P01 are often not easy to find. Once you are lucky enough to get them however, they open another wide range of possibilities for further improvements. How?

It is because they share the same footprint as magazines from CZ 75 full size series.

Lets see how you can improve your CZ P01 magazines with this knowledge.

CZ P01 magazine base pads compatibility

Luckily enough you dont have to look for mag pads made for CZ P01 as such. Because CZ P01 origins from CZ 75 Compact series, which is further based in CZ 75 full size series.

Because of that on your CZ P01 you can use wide range of mag pads compatible with CZ 75 pistols. 

And to avoid any confusion, the mag pads listed below are compatible with following pistols:

  • CZ P-01,
  • CZ P-01 Omega,
  • CZ P-01 Steel Black,
  • CZ 75 Compact, and
  • CZ 75D Compact / PCR

Which mag pads are such? There are many of them out there in the market.

CZ P-01
CZ P-01

CZ P01 aluminium magazine pads

When you extend mag pads, you will be considering primarily the additional capacity it adds to the magazine.

There are few options on the market – some come from CZ itself, some from aftermarket producers.

CZ P-01 +0rnd alu mag pads

CZ P-01 Mag Pad +0rnd
CZ P-01 Mag Pad +0rnd

The most basic mag pad extension is +0rnd. It does not expand the capacity, but it rather adds more weight and adds more sturdy material to the bottom of magazine. Why does tha thelp?

When empty magazine is released, the added weight will make the release itself faster + more sturdy material secures it does not break after falling on the ground.

Also this mag pad is thinner than the original mag pad – because of it you will be able to use it together with magwell. On the other hand, the smaller dimensions will make the pad not extended fully into the front of the grip.

CZ P-01 +2rnd alu mag pads

CZ P-01 Mag Pad +2rnd
CZ P-01 Mag Pad +2rnd

This original CZ mag pad adds additional 2 rounds to the capacity of your magazine. 

Also this mag pad it is thinner than the factory mag pad and thus will allow usage of magwell.

This mag pad will however add to the length of the magazine, thus making it easier for quick reload.

CZ P-01 +4rnd alu mag pads

CZ P-01 Mag Pad +4rnd
CZ P-01 Mag Pad +4rnd

Apart from standard +0rnd and +2rnd mag pads, there are also mag pads allowing further capacity extension, as the one showed above.

With +4rnd mag pad you will be able to achieve magazine capacity of 18rnd, which is more than with most full size pistols.

These pads also add to the exterior of your pistol and make it a truly unique piece.

CZ P-01 +8rnd alu mag pads

CZ P-01 Mag Pad +8rnd
CZ P-01 Mag Pad +8rnd

The largest mag pads we found on the market are +8 magazine base pads. These come in different colors but we put here the green one which stands out the most to us.

With this magazine pad you can extend the capacity of your CZ P-01 to 22 rounds, which is truly crazy.

These pads improve the  reload process by grooving its surface on the bottom, making sure they will not slip out of your hand.

Why use mag pads in your CZ P01

There are different reasons for replacement of the factory mag pads for aftermarket ones.

Most common reasons for mag pads are

  • more ammunition capacity – from +1rnd to up to 8rnd capacity,
  • more contact surface – surface to hold the mag when reloading, as well as extending grips when loaded in the gun,
  • more durable materials – when fast reloading, the magazine falls to the ground,
  • additional weight to the bottom of the magazine – that helps the fall when magazine is released,
  • allows use with magwell – factory mag pads are too thick for use with magwell, and lastly
  • improved looks of the gun – sure we care about technical improvements bla bla, but the looks are just perfect with mag pad sticking out of the pistol grip.

Other CZ P01 upgrades

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CZ P01 Grips
CZ P01 Grips

It will save you a lot of nerve when looking for matching accessories as you will find out that CZ P01 shares a lot of the accessories with other CZ guns.