CZ P-01, CZ 75 Compact magazines: compatibility

CZ Magazines are sometimes difficult product to find. When they are supposed to fit CZ P-01 or CZ 75 Compact models, it is even more difficult. In this article we make clear which compact magazines work with which compact CZ pistols.

CZ pistol series

CZ pistols can be separated in few ways to different series.

From the perspective of magazines usage, we can separate them into the following groups:

  • CZ P-07/09 series, 
  • CZ P-10 series,
  • CZ 75 series,
  • CZ 75 Compact series,
  • and CZ Tactical Sports series.

Magazines within each group can work with different models.

Of course, if you try to use mag from compact pistol in full size pistol, it will not work, but vice versa it works. In other words, the thickness and cuts in the magazine for release are the same for pistols in these groups.

CZ P-01, CZ 75 Compact magazines

Pistols from CZ 75 Compact series can use the same magazines.

CZ 75 P-01
CZ 75 P-01

In other words, magazines for any of the pistols listed below will fit also to other pistols listed in the list: 

  • CZ 75 P-01 
  • CZ 75 P-01 Ω
  • CZ 75 P-01 Steel Black
  • CZ 75 Compact
  • CZ 75D Compact

Differences between compact magazines

Although these mags will work for all models in the group, it does not mean these magazines look the same. They dont even have the same capacity.

By the way, CZ P-01 models and CZ 75 Compact models share a lot of accessories with another CZ models – see full compatibility guide here.

CZ manufactures the compact version of its famous CZ 75 model for many years and the designs slightly changed over the time.

Material of the CZ 75 Compact magazines

Older Compact magazines were made of steel. 

These magazines were installed with extended steel mag pad – as the photo below shows.

CZ 75 Compact Magazine
CZ 75 Compact Magazine

The capacity of these older types of magazines was 14rnd.

With the modernisation of the original CZ 75 Compact pistol into CZ 75D Compact, the magazines also changed slightly.

Photo of the modernized CZ 75D Compact magazine below.

CZ 75D Compact Magazine
CZ 75D Compact Magazine

The newer magazine got further enlarged polymer mag pad, else it remained the same.

The capacity remained 14rnd despite thicker mag pad from polymer.

With further modernisation of CZ compact pistols came also modernisation of its magazines.

CZ 75 P-01 Ω then arrived came with new aluminium magazine (photo below).

Capacity of the CZ 75 Compact magazines

Although older CZ Compact magazines had full capacity of 14+1 rounds, the new ones that came with CZ P-01 models were enlarged.

The new polymer mag pad extended its capacity to 15rnd.

CZ 75 P-01 Magazine
CZ 75 P-01 Magazine

The modern CZ 75 P-01 magazines come in two variants – either made of aluminium as the model above, or made of steel for CZ 75 P-01 Steel Black – as shows photo below.

CZ 75 P-01 Magazine
CZ 75 P-01 Magazine

The capacity is however same for both CZ 75 P-01 models – it remains to 15rnd capacity. Functionaility is also 100% the same.


Although these magazines slightly differ, they all work in the same pistols. Given the high demand for CZ 75 Compact series pistols, you will be probably happy to find any magazines.

But with the knowledge from this article, you will know that magazine advertised as for “CZ 75D Compact” will work 100% also in your CZ 75 P-01 Ω.

These magazines are therefore compatible with following CZ models