CZ 457 models in .22 WMR [Magnum]

CZ offers wide range of rimfires in different caliber. Most CZ rimfire rifles are in .22 LR caliber, but you can also find manyrifles in .22 WMR caliber.

In this article we put together list of CZ models available in .22 WMR / Magnum caliber.

CZ 457 rifles in .22 WMR / Magnum caliber

There are quite a few. As the offerings is not very clear, it may come handy to find all the CZ rifles with .22 WMR / Magnum caliber altogether.

.22 LR vs .22 WMR
.22 LR vs .22 WMR

Below is a list of current CZ 457 rimfires in .22 WMR caliber

American .22 WMR

CZ 457 American .22 WMR

Classic style rimfire American with long 24.8″ barrel. Amazing quality, proven design.

This rifle is expected to be mounted with scope [our full scope mounting guide can be found here] as it is not equipped with iron sights from production.

American LH .22 WMR

CZ 457 American LH .22 WMR

Out of the CZ 457 rifles for left handed shooters, this one is the only one in .22 WMR caliber.

This rifle comes with cold hammered light barrel. This model comes without iron sights, dovetail is standard for CZ rimfirse of 11mm. 

American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready .22 WMR

CZ 457 American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready .22 WMR

Modern design with durable body. Synthetic stock with nitride finish makes the rifle extremely durable even in the worst conditions.

Also this CZ rifle is equipped with 1/2×28 thread, ready to be used together with matching surpressor. 

Lux .22 WMR

CZ 457 Lux .22 WMR

CZ 457 Lux in .22 WMR caliber is a rimfire with classic european design. Turkish wallnut stock with integrated cheek rest.

Although equipped with sights from factory, you can still mount a scope mount to the standard 11mm dovetail.

CZ 457 Varmint .22 WMR

CZ 457 Varmint .22 WMR

The only CZ rimfire in .22 WMR caliber equipped with heavy Varmint barrel. 

This CZ is also not equipped with iron sights as scope is expected to be installed either directly to the 11mm dovetail, or through picatinny scope base.

Compatibility of accessories

Luckily vast majority of accessories available for CZ 457 rifles in .22 LR caliber is also compatible with CZ rifles in .22 WMR.

Slings, triggers, scope mounts, rails and other CZ 457 accessories is compatible with .22 WMR rifles of CZ 457 series.

The exception to that is however magazines. As we write in this article, CZ makes special mags for its rimfires in .22 WMR caliber.

CZ 457 Polymer .22 WMR Magazine 10rnd
.22 WMR Magazine

Compared to standard Long Rifle (.22 LR) caliber rifles, the magazines for .22 WMR come only in polymer and the capacity to choose from is 5rnd and 10rnd.