CZ P01 aftermarket grips overview

CZ P01 and CZ 75 Compact pistols inherited grips from the renown CZ 75 pistol which make it fit like glove into hands of many.

But everyone is built different and what  fits one does not have to fit the other. In this article we will look into the options that market offers for CZ P01 grips replacement.

Grips compatibility: CZ P01, CZ 75 Compact & other

First things first, lets talk about compatibility. As we mention in this article, CZ P01 shares lot of its parts with another CZ models.

CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact
CZ P-01 vs CZ 75 Compact

When it comes to grips, you can use the same grips interchangeably on these CZs also:

So if we mention further in the article CZ P01 gun, as far as we are talking about grips you can replace the P01 model for any other mentioned above.

CZ P01 grips

CZ P01 Factory Rubber Grips

Factory CZ P01 grips make the gun 1.38 inch thick (35mm). By replacing the grips, you can make the gun grip either thicker, or thinner. 

Lets go through the possibilities for your grips one by one.

How to replace grips? Its nothing complicated and you can do it easily by your own at home. Check our guide here.

Some of these are available only in US, some of these are not available in US and you have to get them from overseas, but this article is just to let you know what is out there possible as a grip replacement for your gun.

Thin grips

CZ P01 Thin Original CZ Grips

The factory grips are shaped so they fit rather larger hand.



Not everyone has large hands though and to hold your pistol well, getting thinner grips shall help. How? As your fingers will embrace less surface area with thin grips than with thick grips.

You can find some original CZ thin grips, which in past were offered with premium CZ 75 Compact Shadow model, or you can look for ones from the wide offerings of US based Lok Grips.

CZ P01 Thin Lok Grips

Thin grips are each thinner by ~ 0.15 inch (3.81mm) than the factory standard grips. Thus making the pistol grip smaller and more comfortable for standard or smaller hands.  

Standard grips

Standard grips are the same thickness as CZ P-01 factory rubber grips. I.e. your gun will remain the factory 1.38 inch (35mm) thickness of the complete grip.

CZ P01 Standard Lok Grips

With these you will not make the grip larger nor smaller, but rather will change for these grips for different texture or simply for the looks.

Thick grips

CZ P-01 Thick Grips

For larger hands you can further enlarge the grip with thicker grips.

The ones pictured above also add some extra grips with the sand paper material on its surface. These are also shaped in 3D ergonomic shape.

These are thick primarily in the center of the grip, thus not interfering with the mag release button, which would otherwise be lost below the grips.

Wood grips

CZ P01 Wood Grips

And last option is CZ P01 wood grips. These look amazing on the gun and are usually thick. For that reason these should be considered for rather larger hands.

Also not all of these grips take into consideration the size of mag release and the button can be slightly lost as it comes out of the frame in the same length as the grips. Thus these wooden grips can make the magazine release little bit less easily accessible.

Getting grips replaced does not affect the size of the gun that is being hidden in holster. Therefore the types of holsters for CZ P01 remain the same whether you use factory grips or aftermarket replacements.

Specific group of grips are short grips. These are made only to work together with magwell and do not reffer to the size of gun. More about short grips and magwells for CZ P01 in this article.