CZ P01 magwell installation guide

CZ P01 Magwell Installation Guide

If you want to tune your CZ P01 pistol into another level, magwell may be upgrade to go for.

Its main purpose is faster reload time, but it also adds some extra weight to the bottom of the gun and thus improving the handling.

Also the magwell works as a light support from beneath to your hand as you hold the grip.

In this article we explain how to instal magwell to your CZ P-01 and other models of the series.

Magwells that will work on CZ P01 will also work on following CZ models:

Required parts

We must warn here that if you decide to go for magwell, you will have to get few other parts together with the magwell so that you are able to install it on your gun.

Short grips

CZ P-01 Short Grips

Standard long grips that come from factory with your gun are not supposed to work with magwell. Why? They are too long and provide no place to put magwell on the frame.

*Note that long grips and short grips do not reffer to the length of the frame (standard size CZ 75 vs compact size CZ P01) but only to the fact whether they can work with magwell or not*

For magwell to be installed, you need to have short grips. 

Such are the same grips, but simply made in shorter version.

CZ P-01 Short Grips

You will be able to find probably less short grips available for CZ P01 pistols compared to standard long grips. We wrote in detail article on CZ P01 grips here.


Other than short grips you will also need magwells.

There are not too many being made, but you can get some beautiful ones from italian manufacturer Toni System.

CZ P01 Magwells

The magwells are made with standard sizes thus you can use magwells together with short grips even if the manufacturers of each of those articles are different.

Mag pads

And lastly you will need to replace the factory mag pads.

The reason behind it is the fact that factory mag pads are made to flush with the shape of grip of the pistol.

That means that the mag pads from factory are way too long. Because of this you will have to replace the mag pads that are magwell compatible. In other words, mag pads that are made shorter in front.

CZ P01 Mag Pads compatible with Magwell

Manufacturers usually declare this detail in description – magwell compatible or not magwell compatible – thus select accordingly. To avoid any misunderstanding – mag pads that will work with magwell will also work without magwell. But vice versa not.

Magwell installation

How to install magwell to your CZ P01? Follow step by step guide below:

  1. Demount original long grips [on grips removal we write further here]CZ P-01 with Grips Demounted
  2. Clean the surface of the frame
  3. Unscrew the serucing screw in the magwell so that it does not interfere with the frame
  4. Place the magwell behind the frame and slowly slide it on – from rear to frontCZ P01 Magwell Mounting
  5. Screw back in the securing screw that was in the magwell to lock the magwell to the frame
  6. Install short grip to the frame and screw them in
  7. Change the mag pads for mag pads compatible with magwell
  8. And then operation is finished!

Hammer spring plug with lanyard loop

Some CZ P01 models come from factory with hammer spring plug with loop – as photo beliow.

CZ P-01 Main Spring Plug Loop
CZ P-01 Main Spring Plug Loop

The laynard loop cannot stay there if you want to use magwell – it would not allow mounting of the magwell.

And therefore you will have to get rid of it. Basically you have two options how to solve this:

  • Get a flat main spring plug [such as these].
  • Or remove the laynard loop yourself with a grinder – in such case we recommend first getting the plug out of the gun, and then removing it. Otherwise you would risk scratching the gun.
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